We offer to you attention the new mod "Hetmanat: TW" for the game Empire: Total War. The aim of it is to remedy the flagrant injustice of Empire: Total War developers, who completely ignored the existence of Ukrainian autonomy in the beginning of the XVIII century. Ukraine was a small orthodox republic in the south-east of Europe in military aliance with Tsardom of Russia. At the beginning Ukraine holds the province of the same name and wages war against Turkey and the Crimea. There is a spy, noblemen and school in Poltava. Kiev is the capital of Ukraine.

EagleBeak says

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This mod does an excellent job of adding historical accuracy to the unit of Eastern Europe and the Caucasus.

When I returned from a short trip to Georgia this year, I wanted to play Empire Total War as the Kingdom of Georgia, only to find out that the faction that existed was just a lame copied and pasted 'default' army. I searched for an entire week to find a mod to fix the Georgian units, I am happy to say that this mod fixed that, as well as Ukraine and Russia and several others.

Great job!

Отлично работать!

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