Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed, the ruthlessly unforgiving tactical shooter experience. True hardcore realism, with nonlinear play, real-world physics, and ultra smart AI. Infinite replayability, with tons of worldwide maps, missions, game types, international special forces units, and a massive arsenal of authentic weapons and equipment.

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The most awesome GR mod ever! This is how the game should have been released in the first place, with the revamped accuracies, new awesome weapon sights and models and ballistics, and the sheer number of weapons! GR Forever!

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I had to come back to this mod so I can review. There really aren't any words to explain how much I love this mod. It should probably be called Ghost Recon Perfected. It adds all the ghost recon content in one whole Mod then adds as a ton of more content on top of that. This mod and the ARMA series are just about the only two realistic tactical shooters I only play. This one shoots at 2nd on my list. With the new XL XXL mission types I can have even more fun! The amount levels make an endless server…

Apr 6 2011 by Computica