What the hell is a relic? The relics are items that move around the map and give you special powers. You will be able to pick up only one of them, but there are 20 types of relics.

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Heaven of Relics 1.2

Full Version

The final release of Heaven of Relics for UT2004, unless you find a critical bug. - Change Log: Replaced the Relic of Kamikaze with the Relic of Momentum...

Heaven of Relics 1.0

Full Version

This version features 3 new relics (Relic of Agility, Relic of Kamikaze & Relic of Translocation), 3 modified relics (Relic of Adrenaline, Relic of Ammo...

Heaven of Relics Beta 5

Full Version

New version of Heaven of Relics, with 4 new relics: Relic of Ammo, Relic of Guns, Relic of Invisibility and the Mutant Relic. Changed 1 name (Relic of...

Heaven of Relics Beta 4

Full Version

6 new relics! New options and bug fixes included in this file.

Heaven of Relics Beta 3

Full Version

Heaven of Relics Beta 3, with rewards, the Evil Relic and more features.

Heaven of Relics Beta 2

Full Version

Heaven of Relics Beta 2, with network games support. Have fun!