Heat of Battle is a mod focused on delivering top-tier animation and model quality, as well as fast-paced, intense gameplay.

Anthony817 says

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Let me start off, by saying I have NEVER been a fan of vanilla Battlefield 2 weapon handling, recoil, turn speed or ballistics. It always felt super sloppy to me, like somebody tied the barrel of the weapons into knots and also hit them with a hammer.

Well, this mod basically fixes the biggest problem I had with the base game. It looks amazing, and also sounds and feels great too. The suppression effects, tracers, bullet whiz sounds, and ambient gunfight sounds in the background give the mod a really convincing feeling of immersing you in the experience.

It also doesn't hurt that it is using some amazing weapon models as well. If you are growing tired of the stale gunplay in regular Battlefield 2, then this mod might just be the remedy the Dr. ordered.

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Well. How to phrase this? Just wow.
Great weapon handling: check
Awesome maps: check
Accurate weaponry (minus the PRC and Spetsnaz using RPG-7s): check
All in all: a round 10/10.

Should be a standalone, IMHO.

Dec 11 2017 by Deathblade100