On the 9th April 1940, Germany landed troops at several major Norwegian coastal towns in a daring plan to capture both the Norwegians and British off-guard. Despite several naval skirmishes the plan more or less worked, however, the most important targets King Haakon VII, the parliament and cabinet managed to flee just in time as German troops landed in the capital of Oslo. The fighting in Norway would continue for 62 days, longer than the invasion of both Poland and France.

The Mod

This mod for Hearts of Iron III: Their Finest Hour aims to more accurately recreate Norway's situation at the time of the Nazi invasion. The mod focuses on how prepared Norway could have been (and if it fails to achieve this, at least make Norway more fun to play). The mod's main plans:

  • Over 20 events to rearm the Norwegian forces.
  • Many historical events from the invasion to resistance.
  • Many events for Sweden, Britain and France to aid Norway.
  • New model pictures for Norway.
  • Redone Norwegian and Swedish OOBs.

Secondary plans:

  • Swedish models.
  • Swedish rearmament.

The first early release has been released, remember, this is only a very early release only to indicate the direction the mod is taking.


The mod requires tommylotto's The Fox and the Lion mod available here. I may release another version that doesn't require this later.

Want to Help?

Right now I am particularly looking for information on Norwegian torpedo boats, weapons, specifications, division names, stations etc. Also, I will be interested in more information on the Norwegian army's order of battle in 1936. Additionally, as I am in Australia, accessing the Norwegian archives is a little bit difficult, if someone would be willing to do some research and retrieval in either the Norwegian, Swedish or Danish archives I would be duly grateful. Please contact me with any of these resources.

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IMPORTANT: Due to the instability of the Fox and Lion mod I have decided to remove it as a requirement. In essence, there will be little difference in the direction I take the mod, however, I will ensure that the mod remains compatible with the Fox and Lion mod for those who wish to continue using it. Additionally, to shrink file size, the music of the mod will be available in a separate download.




  • Added 13 new events with pictures
  • Fox and Lion Battalions mod no longer a requirement


  • Hamar changed to Fredrikstad

Known issues:

  • Constitution Day event not triggering



  • Fixed province picture issues
  • Added Rjukan province picture
  • Added Norwegian infantry model pictures
  • Loading pictures are removed until fixed


  • Fixed Quisling event
  • Added 6 new events
  • Historical Danish Army OOB added
  • Semi-historical Swedish Army OOB added
  • Fixed positioning of Norwegian 1st Division

Known issues:

  • Constitution Day event not triggering
  • Two Hamar provinces in Norway, base game bug, will be fixed next release


New features:


  • Historical Norwegian navy OOB implemented
  • Historical Norwegian army OOB implemented
  • Max Manus event
  • Vidkun Quisling's Demands event (not working) (planned to be fixed next release)


  • 7 model pictures
  • 5 province pictures (sizing error noted, planned to be fixed next release)
  • Loading screens (not working) (planned to be fixed next release)


  • 5 Norwegian period songs

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Weserübung V.0.1.2

Weserübung V.0.1.2

Full Version 2 comments

This version adds a dozen more events and lays the groundwork for future event chains.


Hello.I'm very interested in this module.
I want to share this module and add Chinese
Please agree!
Love comes from China. ❤️🇨🇳

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"If you are seeing this it means I have finally got events working"

Also, is this mod going anywhere?

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Finally, 2 Hamar provinces in Norway always annoyed me...

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This mod has a lot of potential. and i can't wait to see the final product

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