This mod took over 2 years to make, contains new weapons, monsters, textures, sounds and code, making it the largest SPHL mod ever. Set in the Vietnam War, your mission is to assassinate one renegade colonel by the name of Kurtz, "with extreme prejudice". Unfortunately the only way to get to him is by wading through armies of Viet Cong and hostile US troops, not to mention hordes of the undead roaming the earth and feasting upon the flesh of the living. It's just you, Barney and your chainsaw against the world. "Think "Apocalypse Now" after Coppola is kidnapped by Rastafarian drug lords and given the full treatment. As the mod progresses, things aren't as one-dimensional as they seemed when you first accepted this mission... there's something fishy going on here, and you don't think it's the Nuoc Mâm. Rating? Five out of five." - Silver Sorrow,

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Why I wasn't rate this? This is the BEST HL mod I played ever!

I like that "talk" system, you can command your NPCs to do things. The somewhat useless ones the "Attack!" and "Retreat!", NPC maybe go to wrong place. Also "Lay down suppressing fire!", useless because they at most times shoot to wrong direction.

The puzzle in most episodes, uh... I actually read the RTSL walkthrough. :P
But the gem puzzle sometimes boring.

Beginning next chapter a civil hiding in his store and will "help" you by giving him all your weapons. You can kill him or give all your weapons. This made two path to continue the episode, that makes the game not boring.

There are some NPC which prisoned and has no weapons. I surprised after freeing them that they go to nearest weapon crate, open it, and picking up the weapon in it!

Beginning from this episode there are RPG VCs, which maybe the only HL mod I played ever which has NPC equipped with RPG.

The boathouse chapter, there too much friendly soldier to command. I lost many - killed by the creatures, e.t.c..

That attack in Hangar 2 was annoying as the letter too long to read! Later I got one soldier equipped with M60 to ride with the boat for more firepower in the next chapter. :D

Next chapter is the most scariest one, the part which has many zombies just easy because the friendly soldier taken earlier, but still - it's scary because the big room is dark so I don't know where they are actually.

About that "Half-Life 2" arcade game, they should use the original weapons to use instead the mod's pistol and shotgun (even more strange inconsistent with the soldier arms). And those lizard things are freaking me out - small and huge, they run very fast! :S

The drugs are crazy, things you did really happen, not hallucination - like you can jump highly because you did killing Kurtz with the machete you got from the high grate.

The ending somewhat disappointing, well great mod anyways.

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To start of with the good things, Heart of Evil certainly is a unique mod. The Vietnam setting is a one of a kind in the long run of half-life mods. It looks as good as an half-life mod can get, with custom textures, models, weapons en effects. The game has its own voice acting, sometimes serious and sometimes just goofy. The maps looks great and because of the games length you get to do a lot of sight-seeing around the different areas of the game. The 60's fibe, the humorous natives, and little…

Aug 25 2012 by Wolfer255