The HaZardModding Coop Mod allows you to play the Single-Player Story and all the Secret levels Co-Operatively in Multi-Player. Supporting up to 8 players via LAN or Internet. Each Player can chose one of 3 Classes with specific abilities, to support the Team. Using the Tricorder primary scan mode when close to a Player, will activate the specific Class ability.

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The new version is here, this took a little more than a year, but it was worth the wait. Version 6.01 BETA is written in C++ which gives the Modification almost full control of the game...

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We are having a open BETA-Test, where you, the testers can collect points for reporting bugs and issues with this Mod or even submit suggestions.

These points can then be traded in for STEAM games. This is a initiative is organized only by HaZardModding, there is no affiliate program or partner. Valve/STEAM, Facebook, are not involved in this, nor is any other party but HaZardModding responsible for this open BETA Test. Please directly all questions, requests and complaints towards HaZardModding.

So here is a short list of selected changes from the actual several hundred that have been made since 5.16:
- added the complete A Gate two Birds and the beautiful Sky Modification Campaign
- added Ep.1 of the Return of the empty crown Modification (might be removed if author denies our request)
- added a all new Custom Coop Map, Rescue Chell, originally made as a expansion pack
- upgraded the callvote menu, to suit the complex map voting of the coop levels
- upgraded the video menu to suit the modern standard resolutions and requirements
- mainly programmed in C++, mostly Serverside, delivered via the new gamex86.dll
- no timelimit or pointlimit while playing any coop map
- maps carrying the prefix coop_ in their name are automatically starting the Coop Mod
- added a Radar hud known from Singleplayer, mostly used to show the mission objective location
- fixed numerous AI glitches, that only occurred during multiplayer (ai was originally designed for sp)
- because of the C++ code, making level scripts ready for coop is a matter of minutes or a few hours
- the complete Singleplayer Campaign level scripts have been modified for this coop version from scratch again
- Coop Level scripts use a separate folder as the the original Singleplayer level scripts
- Dialogs are now send only once from the server over to the client, much reducing the nextwork traffic
- the skill/dificulty can be changed via callvote at any time in the game
- Many features that where exclusive to the singleplayer are now fully supported, such as:
+ Branchdialog, Tricorder Puzzles, Cinematic Sequences,
- Players can now drown in water, managed via the C++ code, works on any map
- added new Callvote options and chat commands, type !help in chat
- players that spawn inside a Actor do not kill that Actor nor do they get stuck inside the Actor
- targeting a teammate displays their name, class and current health
- mappers can set their own names and killmessages on all level entities (including actors)
- level scripts can now also have the more convenient file extension .script
- Killing enemies will increase the player his score on the scoreboard

Updated Video Menu

Player targeting showing player health class and name

new start server menu overview

Ingame help menu

Coop Configuration Menu screenshot

New callvote Menu screenshot

We want to finish our Modification in 2016! After 10 years it is time to come to a end. But we do not want to leave a legacy of a half finished and rubbish feeling Mod. We want the HaZardModding Coop Mod to be as good as we can make it under the circumstances.

We have made incredible advances since we started to programm this Modification in C++, rather than using level scripts. We had some very helpful people helping out, of which one stands out, Daggolin. Daggolin known in the Jedi Knight community shared his insight and helped quite a lot with many difficult code passages. So here goes a big thank you to him ;). I also want to mention Albert Dorn, which realized the tricky mathematical part of the radar, thanks buddy!

We are having a open BETA-Test with rewards for the players, because we think it is a reasonably fair way.
As developers we often don't notice things that make the Modification become bad, this is where the BETA-Testers come in!

BETA-Testers are to report their findings to us, via E-Mail or via our Contact Form. These findings should mainly contain problems, bugs and difficulties you encountered with our Modification. But you can also send us your suggestions or ideas on how to improve the Coop experience of the HaZardModding Coop Mod. If we agree, approve or consider to use your suggestion you can earn 1 point for each suggestion, bug or improvement you send to us.

There is no limit of how many items you can report from Coop or Singleplayer (assuming it is a issue created by this Modification), how ever you need to know that if someone reported the same issue as you did you can not claim the reward/point for that issue any more. We will maintain a list of the findings that have been reported and update the list each time new reports come in. The list will be made available to you online, so that you may check the list for clues or before you send in your report.

We want the HZM Cop Mod to be: Stable, complete, playing well, improve game menus and add some new features and fix critical game bugs. We do not want to make any changes to the actual Campaign and its story unless it is absolutely necessary. We do not want the original singleplayer to be changed by our Mod!

We want the HaZardModding Coop Mod to be just like the singleplayer with your friends accompanying you. We did go trough great length to just make that happen and now you can help us with your input!

More details on how this benefit system works will come soon, until then, take notes and screenshots of any and all bugs or issues you find with our Modification.


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