Hard Doom is a replacement/enhancement mod that replaces all monsters in Doom 2 with versions that are similar in role, but more dangerous. In general, Hard Doom is geared towards players who want a more difficult, genuine survival experience, and it has a variety of visual effects that are more subtle and don't block your view of the action. Over the years since its initial release, it has been meticulously balanced and rebalanced, with new features and effects added to make this a great mod to play through the popular megawads with, without changing Doom's flavor or core gameplay. This mod requires ZDoom, GZDoom, or Zandronum in order to play!

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This mod has come a far way. Is it perfect? No, but it does its thing very well.

I was there the first hour when the mod was released and really liked how it put a twist on old maps with a new difficulty. OFten I was criticising this mod for bein too ill-polished.

But that was a long time ago and I think all the additions, ranging from more difficult monsters to more weapons really improve the gameplay as a whole and is just much more fun.

This mod adds a great amount of variety to the monsters and demons in the game as well as some new weaponry. It also amps up the challenge a huge amount.

This mod is just Fantastic! The new bad-*** variants of the old monsters are Awesome! Especially those of the cyber demons, bruiser demons and the list too long to write but I'll say it in one word that everything was awesome the new weapons, monsters, ect. ect.

This is a great mod. I love that this mod doesn't change the doom gameplay much, it just makes it harder. The mod doesn't bloat the game with a million different enemies and weapons to where it feels like a completely different game. This is definitely a mod to try if you are a veteran Doomer and want to replay some older megawads that have become too easy.




Not bad.

Great mod for those looking for an extra challenge. One issue though is that some maps with very high monster counts can be extremely difficult to complete due to enemies increased damage. However, each death has always felt like it was my own fault, not unfairness of difficulty.

This is an amazing mod for Doom veterans, staying true to what makes Doom the best FPS of all time but still providing a new challenge. Excellent work!


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