Our representation of Halo's iconic space combat in the Homeworld 2 engine, which puts the player in command of some of the most powerful weapons fielded by the UNSC and Covenant and to provide a balanced and competitive experience.

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A short update about the future of the mod and any progress we've had in the last few months.

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Posting this for Velo as ModDB isn't letting him do it himself...

First i'm going to explain why there's been huge delays and not much done - We've all just had stuff going on. Aliah is currently on a bit of a hiatus from the team because of personal issues, i've been struggling to find time to model anything new for a while and Zero's been too busy to finish the stuff i have modelled (Although he's pretty much done with the backlog now).

We don't know when Aliah will be ready to come back to us but it does mean we don't have a dedicated coder, Zero can cover for some things but he can't really be the guy in charge of texturing, implimenting ships and weapons as well as coding and scripting slightly more exotic things. If anyone is truly willing to learn to take on some of these responsibilities or is already capable and wants to help out, just PM me.

I also need someone to take over my role as modeller as after summer i'll be leaving HHF in any official capacity to focus on my education and working towards getting a job in the actual games industry. Again, anyone willing to learn or already capable just needs to PM me. The sooner the better, as i'll have more time to talk to you and get you up to speed on anything you need to know. Hell, i'd even be willing to teach someone how to model so long as you're dedicated enough.

Zero is going to continue working on the mod but it's unlikely that he'll get any less busy, unless he gets help all you're going to see after summer is the implementation of ships from other halo mods we're affiliated with until he considers the mod as complete as he can get it on his own.

So, this is basically a request from me to all our fans who've followed us over the years - We know you love the mod, and we know none of you want to see it die, so we're asking some of you to step up and take on the responsibility of continuing the mod without me.

Before i leave i'm going to finish the Thanatos destroyer atleast. The Talos and Marathon are implimented and a new build with them should be released at some point before September. After i leave i'll probably still follow the mod quite closely and still be able to provide concepts sporadically if needed.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully some of you consider taking up the offer of joining the team.


That's sad news :'(

I can't imagine this mod without Velo (or Star2Scream) :o

I can model some basic stuff, but I don't know if I have the will to join this team... It seems a lot of work and time :(

Anyway, maybe I should join and try to get deeper in modeling...

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Aliah Author

If you find yourself interested, contact Velo, he has said he's fully willing to help teach someone the techniques he knows to get them capable of making models up to the mod's par. Remember, the best way to get something you want is to participate in it!

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Yea, I'll contact him... And I'll see what if I really want to contribute.

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This is sad to hear. But understandable. Real life always takes priority over modding and gaming. None the less hope and wish for the best for your mod and team

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