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A review of the Closed Beta so far... the game has definitely progressed from version 1.09b that i can tell you this review lists only a few of the things changed...

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So it seems we have quite the update for the next release, the Covenant seem to be fairly well done, although there are too few ships at the moment to make a difference and the UNSC are so near completion to make them seem beautiful.

I wanted to add a disclaimer due to a slight confusion that was noticed in the comments. I am merely a Beta-tester and some comments are just personal opinion (for example the fact I think the Covenant would do well for a bit more fleshing out before being added)

Now I want to make this clear, I am in no way one of the Developers I am merely a Beta-tester, but what I can say is that you will enjoy this game, a lot and I say that with all of my heart and soul. It's well balanced and while the covenant may not make an appearance due to being so bare-bones it hurts, what I can say is that they are beautiful and that you will enjoy playing them when they do get released.

Of course the best thing so far is definitely the UNSC, the additions that have come along since the last update, primarily the UNSC SMAC which is a great little cannon that i would suggest as a necessity in any sort of defense and then the Prowler, which is 100% more awesome I'm sure you guys are going to love the new model, of course you can see it in the pictures, but then this is by no means the only thing done to the UNSC to make them better which include new textures and better sounds (which makes a whole lot of difference to how much better the mod is).

The next thing to talk about of course are the engine glows, the pretty, pretty engine glows which have been changed recently.
The best example is by far and away the Halcyon cruiser which the new engine glows suit wonderfully and to be honest I could (if I wasn't testing the game) stare at them in awe all day. They are wonderful and I am sure you will like them.

Last but by no means least is the Atlas carrier which Zero has been working on, which I have fell in love with, I still prefer the Hermes as I can use it for the smaller engagements I prefer, but then if your going to have fleet to fleet battles I would suggest using the Atlas.I admit the Atlas is not so much a Carrier as it is THE flagship of the entire fleet, may not be as powerful as the Halcyon or the Marathon it makes up for that with its buffs which can just about make or break a fleet maybe not a battle-group but definitely a fleet.

I can say now that you will not be disappointed at all, the mod team have done a fantastic job on this and it plays beautifully, now don't get me wrong there are a few demons lurking about in the mod, of which I have told McChaffe about and I will explain one of them below.

Here goes.

The maps, the wonderful beautiful maps, now don't get me wrong the maps are WONDERFUL there is nothing better than looking at these maps, they have one problem, all of the new ones are CPU intensive at the moment, basically Earth, Halo and Sanghelios are not even playable for me at the moment and I have to use the older maps to Beta-test. It is something that lets the game down for me as those three are by far and away the best looking maps at the moment.

But out of everything that has to be my only gripe at the moment, well that and the fact that the UNSC and the Covenant no longer annihilate the Vanilla factions but that's to be expected and while the map problem is a fairly large gripe it is only one gripe and the rest of the game is absolutely fantastic.

I am sure everyone of you that plays this mod will enjoy it, if not love it, your just going to have to wait a while longer and maybe settle for version 1.10 for just the UNSC while the Covenant get fleshed out a bit more and then have the final version 2.0 where the Covenant will make their appearance.
Anyway some of this is just speculation as I am just a private Beta-tester and not filled in with ALL the facts just some of them and to be honest whatever happens I am sure you will enjoy playing Homefront, unless something really bad happens, which it shouldn't.

This seems to be the end of the review but then I just have to add a picture of my favourite ship at the moment, which happens to be the Hermes class Carrier.


what do u mean by "the fact that the UNSC and the Covenant no longer annihilate the Vanilla factions" i need my carnage :D

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spartan-G257 Author

i win against them 85% of the time but no longer in the style of absolute destruction

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Yeah, the heck people? The UNSC and the Covenant SHOULD COMPLETELY OBLITERATE the Vanilla factions. That would be canon. ;)

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880Zero Creator

Vanilla races won't be included when the Covenant are released anyways.

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Awe poop, I was planning on forming an alliance between the Hiigaran and the UNSC to fight against the Covenant and the Vaygr.

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You could use the vanilla races if you know how to mod Homeworld 2.

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infinity shoud be the flagship of unsc

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