In this mod, you will have many choices over where, when, and how you will fight. Will you fight them in space? Or will you fight them on the ground? Will you defend Earth against the ever slimming odds of victory? Or will you destroy the humans last remaining human colonies, and inevitably... Earth...

How Will You Fight?

Halo: First Offensive is a Total Conversion Mod for the ever-popular game Star Wars: Empire At War Forces of Corruption, bringing the Halo Universe to EaW. Everything redone and overhauled to portray the Halo Universe perfectly.

Halo: First Offensive is in no way affiliated with Lucas Arts or Bungie. This is a fan made project for fans.


  • Play as the UNSC or Covenant

  • Over 100 playable units

  • New campaign and multiplayer maps

  • Original soundtrack (2 volumes) will be avaliable after release

  • Over 50 structures and buildings

  • All new sounds

  • Covanant and UNSC heroes

  • A unique economy system

  • Possibly some new units and much more!

Please visit the Ascendancy Studios Forum! A link is provided below.

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H:FO's release

News 16 comments

Here's something for all the fans we've had over the years and all the people who are still checking here now and then to see if there's new content.

This release marks an end to, what I have always considered, a great Halo mod. I'm afraid I just can no longer afford the time to work on this mod since I have my own Halo mod to care for, several other projects, school and work all together. I've always enjoyed working on this mod and seeing as I still do but do feel a decline in it, I have decided to stop before I simply hate working on H:FO.

I'd like to extend an enormous thanks to Ds, who originally allowed me to come on the team, with whom I've worked very closely later on and who eventually gave me the entire mod to finish. Furthermore I'd like to thank all the people who contributed to this mod, especially HammBoyTheDestroyer who's been really busy with scripting and putting all models we've made over the years ingame. And finally I'd like to thank all the fans and followers of this mod. We've always tried to make this mod for you guys and often we've had the pleasure of hearing your opinions so we could make adjustments to make this mod even better.

I think that covers about everything. Now, I'd like to wish you all fun playing with this release and I'd also like to advise you all to check out and support the other Halo mods out there like you've done with this mod.

For now(?), goodbye!

Abyssinian, signing out.

Release on approach

Release on approach

News 29 comments

Although this mod is still on hold, we do intend to have a release for you all pretty soon.

On hold

On hold

News 15 comments

HFO is being put on hold and other projects will be commencing soon.

Website and forums

Website and forums

News 5 comments

A quick update showing off the new forums and website

Steady on

Steady on

News 8 comments

Another update from Halo: First Offensive. Today we show you some new models and give you a lot of news about our progress and upcoming work.

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H:FO's release

H:FO's release

Full Version 97 comments

After years of blood, sweat and tears, its a imagination no more. Halo: First Offensive, is finally having a release. It's not finished by far, but (for...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 1,084)


Es cierto que ningún mod de halo ha
alcanzado un estado adecuado de
finalización, lo cual es una pena, y
mas con la presion de que companias
como microsoft y 343 industries tomen
cartas en el asunto como isieron con
el halo online pirata mejor conocido
(ElDewrito) , causa principal del miedo
a la hora de crear contenido fan de
cualquier serie de video juegos , con
el miedo de que este levante algunas
cejas y entre en tramites legales aun
siendo un contenido creado por fans ,
lo cual nos lleva a una gran frustracion
a aquelos que disfrutamos del crear
contenido para la comunidad , yo por
tomar un ejemplo , ase como unos 2
años solo sin ningun tipo de guia me
atrevi a crear por mis medios al
intentra combinar una serie de
modificaciones de las cuales me
cautivaron de las cuales intente
combinar mods de halo como:
(Halo: First Offensive)
(Covenant at War) y
(Campaign Commander) , devo
aclarar de que intentar conbinarlos a
sido un dolor en los huevos , pero lo
sigo intentando , aunque no esta
terminado ni de serca tras haber
transcurrido 2 años , y de lo cual es mi
temor de algun futuro publicarlo ,
porque seria una modificasion casi
completa del universo de halo , por
ejemplo mapa casi acorde al universo
de halo , tanto unidades terrestres
como espaciales , y con sus
respectivos edificios , mecanicas e
demas elementos , y en definitiva ese
es un temor al caul no se si algun dia
esto llege a ver la luz. En definitiva
esta ceria una cruda pero real
respuesta del porque algunas
modificaciones no llegan a terminarse
en estos tiempos en los que vivimos.


It is true that no halo mod has reached an adequate state of completion, which is a pity, and more with the pressure of companies like Microsoft and 343 industries to take action on the matter as they were with the best known pirate online halo (ElDewrito ), the main cause of fear when creating fan content of any series of video games, with the fear that it will raise some eyebrows and enter into legal proceedings even being a content created by fans, which leads to great frustration to those who enjoy creating content for the community, I take an example, like about 2 years alone without any kind of guide I dared to create by my means to combine a series of modifications of which I was captivated of which try to combine halo mods such as:
(Halo: First Offensive)
(Covenant at War) and
(Campaign Commander), devo clarify that trying to conjoin them has been a pain in the eggs, but I keep trying, although it is not finished or serca after having elapsed 2 years, and which is my fear of some future publish it, because would be an almost complete modification of the universe of halo, for example map almost according to the universe of halo, both terrestrial and space units, and with their respective buildings, mechanical and other elements, and ultimately that is a fear of the caul not if any This day sees the light. In short this ceria a crude but real answer because some modifications are not completed in these times in which we live.

Sorry for my English, it's bad, I know.

.Lockom III.

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Such a shame that all these Empire at War Halo mods have died off. I can't think of a game which would be a better host for a Halo mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Probably the first Dawn of War series since it allowed you to team up different factions with each other, but Empire at War certainly has potential with it's Galactic Conquest experience.

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Where do I put this? Sorry I'm new to mods from websites.

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There are instructions on the download link -

To install:
- Unzip the contents of this file.
- Copy the HFO folder and all its content to your LucasArts/Star Wars EaW FoC/Mods folder. (If this does not exist, simply create it)
- Use the PetroLauncher to select HFO.
- Play and have fun!

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Curse of the RTS halo mod man. Ever since the Slipstream Productions team received that cease and desist, no halo mod has made it to a proper state of completion.

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Really sad i was so happy for this mod ;(

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sad that all these mods are dying D: R.I.P

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