Available on NexusMods: nexusmods.com/halothemasterchiefcollection/mods/368

1) Open the zip file and copy .map files into the halo 2 maps folder of your Halo The Master Chief Collection installation (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection\halo2\h2_maps_win64_dx11).
2) Play "Halo: MCC Anti-Cheat Disabled (Mods and Limited...)" and enjoy!

=============================VERSION CHANGE HISTORY=============================
Reduced enemy damage multiplier and rate of fire
Added health bar to HUD
Increased your movement speed
Increased your melee attack damage and have AI melee not hurt friendly units
Made it easier to assassinate enemies without alerting others
Made Drones headshotable
Have headshot indicator on Flood Combat Forms be the infection form instead of head
Decreased Flood Combat Form health (and make all Elite Combat Forms have shields)
Decreased Brute health (and replace brute minors with majors and have brute honor guard use captain as parent)
Decreased gray sentinel shields (and make all gray sentinels have shields) and reduced emp radius
Increased grenade damage and enabled cascading chain-react grenade explosions
Added EMP to armed Plasma Grenade and made them stick to weapons instead of bouncing off
Increased Plasma Grenade timer
Increased chance marines drop grenades
Increased time for AI (especially Jackals) to aim and fire Beam Rifle/Sniper Rifle
Sniper and battle rifle do more vehicle damage
Fixed heretic (w/carbine) and Flood (w/energy sword) melee attacks
Fixed Carbine rate of fire, increased initial ammo, and reduced tracking
AI has longer delay between Needler bursts
Decreased Plasma Pistol heat generated
Increased strength of Master Chief's flashlight, Scorpion headlight, and Warthog headlight
Decreased Phantom turret health and made AI target turrets instead of Phantom hull
Reduced Heretic leader hologram damage
Increased Plasma Pistol damage (but increase is less when used by AI) and its overcharge projectile speed (but reduced its homing)
Increased time for AI to fire Rocket Launcher
Decreased Rocket Launcher tracking
Increased Flood Carrier Form speed, explosion damage, and number of infection forms
Slow turning rate of human combat forms
Increased Plasma Turret rate of fire and damage against Flood
Increased Plasma Cannon projectile speed and damage to Flood
Increased Shadow speed, collision damage, and turret firing rate and allow it to be driven by player
Increased Scorpion Tank speed and shell damage
Decreased Wraith mortar firing rate
Increased Enforcer health and increased its mortar blast radius and damage
Adjust Enforcer movement to avoid getting stuck in doors
Gave Elite Zealot same health/shield values as Elite Ultra
Decreased Elite Ultra shield
Increased Banshee plasma bolt projectile speed (but reduced its tracking) and increased banshee bomb damage radius
Reduced Fuel Rod Gun initial ammo and rate of fire
Made brute shot more likely to flip a vehicle
Increased SMG accuracy
Increased Shotgun accuracy and range AI will fire it (but damage is reduced for AI)
Increased Magnum accuracy/damage, and it starts with full ammo
Increased health of marines
Increased chance marines evade grenades
Avoid marines getting stuck on obstacles
Marines and ally Spec Ops Elites/Grunts only throw grenades if enemies are far enough away
Decreased chance Elites melee on Flood levels
Reduced Brute plasma grenade use and throwing distance
Increased Plasma Rifle projectile speed and accuracy (but reduced tracking)
Adjusted dual wielding damage penalty and accuracy for some weapons
Increased Hunter health, reduced stun time, and adjusted melee hit box
Increased AI firing duration of ghost gun
Increased AI firing duration of Spectre plasma turret
Have all enemies driving wraiths be highest rank
Have all enemies piloting banshees be a consistent rank
Enabled Wraith auto mini-turret and increased accuracy
Increased maximum AI firing distance for a few weapons
Fix elites not able to dual-wield
Change all human combat forms with energy swords to elite combat forms
Increased volume of dialog
Replace the two dual-wielding Elite ultras in last wave of the 2nd hanger bay with two ultra grunts with Needlers
Have enemies that ambush you at the exit of Habitat Delta initially be idle
Have drones that ambush you at the elevator initially be idle
Made secondary magnum start and more ammo pack variety on Outskirts
Made the randomly arriving Jackal snipers on Outskirts spawn at only two possible locations
Make stealth Elite that ambushes during sniper ally not dual wield
Added drivers to the Ghosts carried by the Shadows
Added Hunters at end of Outskirts
Removed the late arriving banshee behind you on Metropolis
Make stealth Elite that ambushes in tunnel not dual wield
Have marines wait until you leave tunnel to continue
Limited the extra Jackal Sniper waves on Metropolis and never from behind
Made scarab ultra and pilots dual-wield
Provided more variety of weapons used by heretics and show heretic leader (and hologram) as dual wielding
Provided more variety of weapons used by heretics and show heretic leader (and hologram) as dual wielding
Increased number of Flood on elevator
Made Heretic Leader hide out of sight while speaking
Added extra ally with both Warthog and Scorpion on Delta Halo
Removed the last group of drones in the Delta Halo grotto
Made shotgun start on Regret
Adjust initial Jackal sniper spawns to not be within the building on the right
Replaced several of the Jackal snipers and drones in sunken chamber on Regret with Elite Honor Guards and fuel rod Grunts
Have Stealth Sword Elite enter second tunnel be a Stealth Major with active camo
All of Prophet of Regret's Elite Honor Guards have Energy Swords, and most of his Grunts are Ultras
Prophet of Regret's Gravity Throne moves slower
Increased shields and delay of pistons and absorbers on Sacred Icon
Disabled several Sentinel emitters to fix pacing on Sacred Icon
Adjusted AI spawns on Sacred Icon to fix pacing and increased AI numbers
Replace climbing human forms with climbing elite forms
Added additional Elite SpecOps ally so Spectre can be full
Removed driver of scorpion carried by pelican
Avoid Enforcers getting stuck in doors
Position Rocket Flood in predictable locations
Adjust enemy counts in various places
Replace climbing human forms with climbing elite forms
Change starting weapons of Elite ally for gondola ride
Alter spawn locations so only carriers enter on the bottom while combat forms enter on top
Added infection forms at end of mission
Master Chief and prisoners start Gravemind with full health and shields
Adjusted Gravemind prison spawns and fixed dead enemies coming down lift
Have drones that ambush you after prison and on mausoleum bridge initially focus on another enemy squad
Have rangers in indoor midtower not dual-wielding
Have Zealot wear correct helmet
Have more variety in ally ranks of during the first half of mission and have them move from their starting locations
Adjust enemy spawns throughout the level
Help allies down the steps
Adjust ally spawns throughout the level
Adjust enemy spawns throughout the level
Have Flood initially focus on other enemies by default during sanctified fight
Disabled Active Camo on Flood Combat Forms
Limit jackal snipers on High Charity to non-dark areas
Made Brutes on Ghosts carry Brute Plasma Rifles (instead of regular Plasma Rifles)
Adjust enemy spawns throughout the level
Added encounter where Phantom attacks scarab that you must fight off
Only have one banshee spawn at a time in the first wave during the scarab fight
Fixed the flipped-over Wraith on The Great Journey
Only two last banshees when scarab fires at door and last wraiths are destroyed
Have phantom deliver last wraith without waiting for scarab to open door or other wraiths to be destroyed
Have Johnson not crouch when firing at Tartarus and fire more often
Increased time for Tartarus' shield to recharge
Added health bar to HUD
Fixed typo in fuel rod gun explosion damage tag
Updated Plasma Rifle melee damage to be consistent with other ranged weapons
Made scarab ultra and pilots dual-wield and re-enabled a specific sentinel emitter
Made secondary magnum start and more ammo pack variety on Outskirts
Increased Flood Combat Form health and Elite Flood Combat Form headshot area health
Decreased depletion rate of Sentinel Beams and added a couple ghosts on Metropolis
AI fix and spawn adjustment on Quarantine Zone and Regret
Increased vitality of Brute helmet and adjusted carbine initial ammo
Adjusted Elite Flood Combat Form health, shields, and headshot area
Adjusted Human Flood Combat Form melee damage hit box
Added an additional ODST at start of Delta Halo
Adjusted character dialog volume
Adjusted Plasma Rifle tracking
Adjusted Plasma Pistol damage and marine health
Increased number of enemies on High Charity
Adjusted frag grenade damage and marine health
Fixed Phantom carrying Hunters colliding with building on Regret
Updated for compatibility with July 2020 version of Halo MCC
Made wraith auto-turret destructible and adjusted mortar rate of fire
Adjusted ghost and banshee weapon firing and frag grenade radius
Fixed stealth Elite spawns on Outskirts
Made enemies dropped off by first Phantom on Outskirts not stand around
Adjusted player health and made ghosts in Metropolis sniper park spawn later
Adjusted a phantom and banshee at start of Metropolis
Increased rank of heretic banshee pilots
Adjusted melee against Flood and age generated for Sentinel Beams
Increased Flood and speed up fight on elevator and lab on The Oracle
Adjusted Flood combat form and sentinel health and shields
Adjusted Flood numbers on elevator on The Oracle
Made allies at start of The Oracle not throw grenades
Adjusted number of enemies on Delta Halo
Adjusted large explosion damage to shields
Adjusted a couple enemy spawns on Delta Halo
Added a battle rifle to an ODST and magnum near start of Delta Halo
Reduced chance Jackals dive to avoid grenades
Increased delay between drones and elites at start of Regret
Re-added fuel rod grunts to sunken chamber on Regret
Made sentinel doors to not kill you on collision and fixed overloaded carbines
Adjusted enemy melee attack delay
Adjusted Flood accuracy with plasma rifle and number of Flood on Sacred Icon
Adjusted AI shotgun damage modifier
Adjusted Flood melee collision impact
Adjusted spawns at start of Quarantine Zone
Enabled allies to ride scorpion at end of Quarantine Zone
Increased chance Ultra Grunts drop grenades and added carbine at start of Gravemind
Fixed AI from getting stuck on lightbridges on Gravemind
Adjusted Hunter health and stun time
Have Zealot follow you at end of Gravemind
Adjusted enemies coming down jail lift on Gravemind
Fixed allies not getting in ghosts right away during ghost section on Uprising
Added more ammo to weapons in armory on Uprising
Added more enemies and allies on Uprising
Adjusted enemies and allies on Uprising
Adjusted enemies and allies on Uprising again
Adjusted brute melee damage
Fixed allies not following you on Uprising
Added more enemies on The Great Journey
Fixed allies to follow you unto bridge on The Great Journey
Final version
Added support for Vortex mod manager
Fixed Stealth Elite climbing in mid-air on Outskirts
Adjusted frag grenade damage to ease grenade jumping
Updated for compatibility with October 2021 version of Halo MCC
Adjusted frag grenade damage to ease grenade jumping
Adjusted brute melee damage
Adjusted wraith pilots and mortar damage
Gave SMGs to a couple marines on Gravemind
Fix explosion damage Tartarus' gravity hammer
Updated for compatibility with April 2022 version of Halo MCC
Adjusted brute minor health
Adjusted magnum accuracy
Increased magnum ammo capacity
Updated for compatibility with August 2022 version of Halo MCC
Updated for compatibility with December 2022 version of Halo MCC

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Hey there! Welcome to this week's roundup of the YouTube, where we covered a comics-focused total conversion, a whodunnit indie, and a rebalance mod for a legendarily difficult campaign!

Note: As suggested by this week's features, we restarted IndieDB shorts posting as of this week. We're keeping tabs on the numbers and will be considering bringing the longer-form playthrough videos into the mix for IndieDB as we progress through the year!

Monday - Playthrough - Batman - Rogue City

The Arkham games put players in the dark and gritty shoes of the Batman, as his no-nonsense crime-fighting led him to the darkest streets of Gotham. Batman: Rogue City delivers a more colourful interpretation based on the older comics and being a DOOM TC, this mod puts you closer to Batman's iconic (and sometimes lesser-known) rogues gallery than ever before.


Wednesday - Shorts - The Matriarch

The Matriarch turns the usual "imposter"-type gameplay loop on its head by introducing not only an all-powerful player to evade, but putting the other players in a position of trying to deceive the leader of the coven by acting like an AI. Then, it's time to hurriedly make an escape attempt before you're found out and sentenced to death!

Image 10

Friday - Playthrough - Halo 2 Anniversary Rebalanced

Halo 2 is notorious for its Legendary difficulty and all the one-shot snipers that come with it. If you wanted to tackle the middle-child of the original Halo trilogy with a little more fairness in mind, Halo 2 Anniversary Rebalanced is for you. Designed around reducing the need for luck and increasing the reward for skill, this is a must-play for those warded off by Halo 2's initial impression.

Phantom Attacks Scarab

That's all for this round-up. What do you think about the mods listed? Feel free to discuss below and check out the YouTube for more videos past, present, and future!

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idk chief sounds like if yall want legendary to be easier just play heroic

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This sounds pretty good and all, but where's the download?

I assume it's still uploading?

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Thank U! n.n

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