July the fourteenth, 1883: Being rather rudely awakened after a night of drunken revelry; Half-Rats is thrust into a rather dire situation. Utter calamity has erupted in the streets outside of the general store which he calls home - calamity of the most unnatural and horrific kind, that is. Now he and the shop keeper, Mr. Trask, must hold out against this infernal host of creatures together. Will they survive the night?

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Great mod, only thing that could be improved is actual different enemies rather than re-skinned half-life enemies, also the mod is a bit short. Other than that a lot of work has gone into it and it's a brilliant little mod worth playing.

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You'd be forgiven for not thinking too highly of this mod at a first impression. The mod stars the developer himself, as voiced by himself, with a mod page full of promises, alcohol references, and "Half-Pun: The Game" being the title card. These are traits that I have seen in earlier okey-to-awful half-life mods, but as a amalgamation of all of it, Half-Rats manages to be something different. Rather amazing, in fact. The mod drenches you in atmosphere as soon as you get to the start menu. From…

Oct 31 2015 by phipe