Half-Payne is a Half-Life mod that brings some gameplay bits from Max Payne, such as Slowmotion, Diving move, Painkillers and custom game modes.

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Two classics, mashed into one tasty dish of a mod.

The mod, developed by a single, russian individual - SuXin {Soo-Heen} - aims remaking the gameplay from the 2001 TPS classic, Max Payne, within the universe of of the original 1998 FPS classic - Half-life.

The story's simple - it follows the original events of Half-life 1, except that Gordon's sick - and the protagonist of "Max Payne", Mr. Payne himself, is there to replace him.

One of the main features of the mod's the implementation of bullet-time - Max Payne's ability to slow down time around him, making it easier to get that accurate headshot on the enemy, or even seeing the bullets and possibly dodging them.
Unlike the original silent protagonist, Max makes narrative comments of his encounters and the events happening around him.

Some of the original weapons have been modified or replaced - such notable example is the ability to dual-wield the default pistol (now turned into a Beretta), and the .357 revolver converted into a .50 AE Desert Eagle.

There's plenty more on the house - custom game-modes, which act like "Unreal Tournament"'s mutators, altering the gameplay - such as starting with an insta-gibbing gauss rifle, or have the ability to flip the world upside down!
The ending has even been changed, which can easily prove to be quite more than a challenge than you'd expect from the previous boss encounter you'd face before it.

Code-wise, there's some rather impressive features implemented that were absent in the original game - such as fixes of original bugs & glitches, along with the future integration of the ImGUI - an interface that'll allow players to launch their gamemods easier & faster, without having to type the specific command in the console.

Overall, the mod's an elaborate combination of two classic games, along with some fixes & enhancements to the gameplay. If you haven't played it - I recommend downloading it right now and giving it a go.

Great mashup, i can't wait for a new version, that was shown in last video about project!


Half-Payne is an excellent mod, blending all the great things from the masterclass of a game, Max Payne, from its death sequence to the original kick *** dive and bullet time mechanics. The mod does amazingly well and recreating Max Payne in Half-Life and it is definitely worth the download and replay of the original Half-Life. Now here's the thing, it's not finished, meaning this game could possibly be better than it already is. The rating is 7.8, but make no mistake, that person giving it the 1 was just a troll. This and Brutal Half-Life are some of the best gameplay mods for Half-Life 1 out there.


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goood stuff right here

It's basically two of my favorite games, both mixed up together, for better replayability. It takes the suave moves of Max Payne, and it also takes the brain of Half-Life. Need to say more?

Funny as hell


pain to the max!


I'm halfway through the mod's vanillla hl2 campaign and I just have to gush about how good it is.

The author has done a lot of polish. Instead of merely some slow mo and weapon mods as is often the case with character insert modifications, the author has ensured Max Payne actually plays a part in the Half-Life world. Every reference to Freeman has been removed and the character of Max Payne has been properly integrated, including narration commentary. As a big fan of Max Payne and HL this mod puts a smile in my face.

The gameplay is really fun. It's a real joy to jump over a railing and double headshot a couple of marines with a desert eagle in slow motion. Any fan of Max Payne and HL should play this.

I'll try to add more details when I've played more.

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