stop with could not load library messages if you're not installing the mod on this version

Half-Payne is a Half-Life mod that aims to bring some gameplay bits from Max Payne. It ended up as interesting way to replay the game and this is the first time ever I tried to mod the game by dwelling into it's source.

Here's the list of all changes that have been made:

Slowmotion ability

  • Simillar to original Max Payne game, there's hourglass icon which shows how much slowmotion charge do you have. Fill the hourglass by killing your enemies, the more dangerous the enemy - the more charge you get for the kill.
  • Slowmotion toggle button is bindable in the options and defaults to MOUSE3, you can also toggle the slowmotion using "impulse 22".
  • You can activate infinite slowmotion cheat using "impulse 24".

Diving move

  • Simillar to original Max Payne games, you can make a dive move (shootdodge). Dive works simillar to long jump module, but isn't that far and can be done in any direction. You can make diving move only if you have enough slowmotion charge (which is 10%). Slowmotion charge won't deplete during the actual dive afterwards.
  • You can cancel slowmotion during your dive by toggling slowmotion.
  • Diving is bindable in the options and defaults to LSHIFT, you can also dive using "+alt1".

Painkillers and player's health

  • Simillar to original Max Payne games, you use painkillers to heal yourself.
  • All portable medpacks are now considered as painkillers.
  • All Medical stations have been replaced with animated Med cabinets which contain 2-4 painkillers depending on your difficulty level.
  • You can hold up to 9 painkillers and only when you have the suit on.
  • Taking painkillers is bindable in the options and defaults to G, you can also take painkillers using "impulse 23".
  • All suit charging stations and batteries have been removed to counter the ability to take painkillers at any time.
  • Health regenerates up to 20.
  • Player's health is displayed with replica of Max Payne healthbar.

Max Payne

  • You're actually playing as Max Payne now - you can see that on replaced playermodel and weapon viewmodels.
  • Instead of wearing HEV suit, you have to pickup your coat. It's located in your closet (c1a0d map).
  • Max will comment when certain things occur. Commentary on story events is achieved by map configuration files. Max will also comment on gameplay situations, such as:
    • Finding or taking painkillers
    • Taking damage
    • Taking huge damage dealt by player himself
    • Being near death while (not) having painkillers
    • Wasting bullets
    • Killing innocent people
    • Having no ammo in the gun
    • Answering a very important rhetorical question

Bullet Physics

  • Which by default is present when slowmotion is active and can only be shot by enemies. Physical bullets are simillar to crossbow bolts and also emit trail effect when shot in slowmotion.
  • Turning it on for player can be done in custom game modes.

Dual Berettas - new weapon

  • Picking up a pistol when you already have one allows you to dual wield them.
  • Both pistols have independent clips. Ammo in the clip is preserved when you switch back and forth to single or dual pistols.
  • Dual pistols rate of fire is alittle higher compared to single one.

Desert Eagle - revolver replacement

  • Replacement model comes from Opposing Force, but got it's laser sight cut off.
  • In previous versions of Half-Payne, revolver's fire cooldown has been shortened.
  • Max ammo in the clip has been increased from 6 to 7.

Weapon behavior

  • Each shot of Beretta, Deagle and Shotgun has to be done by yourself. In other words, you can't hold the button to fire continiously.
  • Secondary fire of Beretta has been disabled, you have to do rapid fire by yourself.
  • Shotgun annoying reload time has been shortened.
  • SMG is much more accurate now if you don't shoot it too much.
  • Hand grenades and SMG grenades can be shot down. During marine encouters, you can shoot grenades in slowmotion while maintaining your cover.
  • Punchangle (recoil effect) for some weapons affects your actual accuracy (especially noticeable on revolver).
  • All pistols, shotguns, MP5 and turrets produce tracer effects.
  • Weapons reload faster when in slowmotion, but turning the slowmotion off while reloading doesn't make the reload finish as fast as it had to.


  • Implemented proper 'hud_fastswitch' behavior. 'hud_fastswitch 1' only works with weapons that only take one slot in the weapon group, otherwise weapons selection works as usual.
  • Use 'hud_fastswitch 2' to make it work just like in Half-Life 2. Pressing slot3 three times selects crossbow etc.


  • You can turn off automatic weapon switching after picking up the weapon by setting 'hud_autoswitch 0'.

Classic viewmodel bobbing

  • This was present in the original WON version of Half-Life. You can turn it on by setting 'cl_bobclassic' console variable to 1.

Classic viewroll

  • This was also present in the original WON version of Half-Life. You can turn it on by setting 'cl_rollenabled' console variable to 1.

Black Mesa Minute gamemode

  • Rush through the levels against the minute while killing your enemies the most efficient way as possible.
  • Basically it's somewhat time attack mode where score is your time at the end. It resembles New York Minute from Max Payne 3 and has simillar time bonuses.
    • Ordinary kill - 5 seconds
    • Headshot kill - 6 seconds
    • Explosive kill - 10 seconds
    • Crowbar kill - 10 seconds
    • Projectile destroyed - 1 second (when you destroy enemy grenades)

Score Attack Game Mode

  • Play through familiar levels while killing as many enemies as possible and keeping your combo multiplier at max.
  • You can read additional info on scoring in README file.

Custom Game Modes

  • Play singleplayer game with a custom loadout and additional mods that change gameplay (simillar to Unreal Tournament mutators).


  • Max Payne style deathcam, complete with proper soundtrack.
  • Disabled fast bunnyhop prevention.
  • Player doesn't collide with enemies in their dying animations.
  • Marine or Barney's helmet now absorbs up to 10 damage before it will stop reflecting projectiles.
  • Infinite flashlight charge.
  • White HUD colorscheme.
  • All weapons have the same white dot for the crosshair.
  • Health more than 100 (like when using infinite health door glitch) is shown on hud.
  • You can kill G-Man, seriously just screw him.
  • Gibbable barnacles.
  • HGrunts turn around faster when playing on Medium or Hard difficulty.
  • Sentry turrets emit sparks when you hit them.
  • Fixed not being able to use certain cheats (like impulse 101) after loading save files.


  • Directed by suXin
  • Max Payne viewmodels, vanilla Barney with Beretta and minor coding help - Rara
  • Main menu background by Ninja_Nub[NOR]
  • Max Payne resources ripped from
    • Original Max Payne game, made by Remedy
    • Max Payne 3, by Rockstar
    • Med cabinet model rip from Max Payne by Xinus22
  • Several custom mods ideas by Facepunch pals and ~my buddy~
  • Code changes that allow you to walk with reversed gravity - YaLTeR
  • sys_timescale hint - SoloKiller
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Half-Payne latest update brings Twitch integration, Random gameplay mods, Valkyr nightmare tribute and more.

Half-Payne / July 18th 2022


Long time ago me and perhaps people who've played previous versions might have considered what kind of Max Payne content could also be added. A nightmarish dream sequence was an obvious choice because of how well it can be tied with the Apprehension ambush scene. This update includes a short tribute to nightmare sequence from Max Payne, made by ZikShadow, who also did some main menu backgrounds and made a Black Ops remod.


This update features config files to play the game with random gameplay mods. All those gameplay mods that were featured in previous updates now can be toggled at random for certain period of time. This will make your playthrough either a breeze or super painful, which is totally intentional.


If you stream on Twitch, you can now allow your viewers to mess with your Half-Payne playthrough. If you play with random gameplay mods - people will be able to vote for the next one. For more info on how Twitch integration was done, see the previous article.

While I did stream some test playthroughs myself to find and fix bugs, I have no idea how well it's gonna work with huge streamers.


I've always enjoyed Gungame mode in Counter-Strike, because it forces you to use unpopular weapons. In case of Half-Life, you may have to use weapons in situations that you'd never pick them for.


Coming from Opposing Force, It can be found in ON A RAIL chapter, in one of the rooms with dead soldiers; and in SURFACE TENSION chapter near airstrike control panel. This weapon is an alternative to SMG and Ingrams, with relatively fast rate of fire and no reloading. Rate of fire decreases alittle as you shoot.


One of my buddies, gordon90001, is Metal Gear Solid fan and also does some mapping. He made a couple of maps stylized as MGS1 VR missions. While gameplay value is questionable and VS 12 might be rather difficult for most people, I definitely couldn't allow the effort remain unnoticed.


Long time ago I stumbled upon weird video of mod that featured our beloved protagonist

I contacted fury_161 afterwards about this and I can't remember what we've talked about - the logs are gone. The mod on the video is basically Action Half-Life with Max Payne everywhere. The models are relatively low effort but get the job done. If you loved G-Invasion then you will love this. I asked if the models could be included in Half-Payne as an additional mod and was allowed to do so. Gotta say implementing the dynamic changing between original and payned models, which is required by random gameplay mods, was rather annoying challenge.


New custom gameplay mods:

  • cnc_sounds
  • deus_ex_sounds
  • drunk_fov
  • explosion_jumping
  • gauss_fast_charge
  • gauss_jumping
  • grenade_pellets
  • gungame
  • inverse_controls
  • kerotan_detector
  • no_self_gauss
  • payned_sounds_humans
  • payned_sounds_monsters
  • quake_rockets
  • shoot_underwater
  • superhot_toggleable
  • timescale
  • timescale_on_damage

  • autosaves_only
  • no_game_title
  • no_start_dark
  • preserve_nightmare
  • random_spawner_seed

Existing gameplay mods changes:

  • black_mesa_minute and score_attack became separate [mods], and you can combine them together. 'sagm' and 'bmm' related commands and cvars have been removed.
  • black_mesa_minute and score_attack: MELEE BONUS and EXPLOSION BONUS now award the same amount of seconds or score as HEADSHOT BONUS. EXPLOSION BONUS still remains huge if it was caused by explosive barrels or crates.
  • infinite_ammo: give only the bare minimum ammo required to shoot the weapon.
    snark_infestation, snark_from_explosion: snarks now get some additional random velocity on spawn.
  • drunk_look: wobble now gets slower when you get into slowmotion.
  • superhot: now more slower and smooth.
  • snark_nuclear: decreased explosvive damage from snarks.
  • crossbow_explosive_bolts: double the damage and exposion scale.

Config sections additions:

  • Added [entity_replace] config section.
  • Added monster_barney and monster_scientist to allowed entities list for spawning.
  • [end_conditions] state can now be stored in savefiles.
  • [loadout] can now be specified in map_cfg, it will be used if [loadout] was not specified in custom gamemode config.
  • [start_position] can now be specified in map_cfg, it will be used if [start_position] was not specified in custom gamemode config.
  • [entity_random_spawner] now allows to spawn entities only once when visiting a map for the first time.

Other changes and fixes:

  • Kerotans have been placed in all vanilla Half-Life maps.
  • You can now toggle slowmotion while using turrets.
  • player_info_window now has buttons to copy position coordinates.
  • When dual wielding - classic view bob will not be applied due to how weird it looks.
  • Added psp console command to debug print all precached sounds.
  • Max's commentary has been moved to BASS audio library due to hitting precached sounds limit.
  • Increased default BASS audio library buffer size which should prevent some people from having garbled music. You can also change the buffer size in advanced options or with sm_buffer cvar.
  • Player will not be gibbed anymore when falling from huge heights.
  • Improved physical bullet trails, they look more smooth now.

  • bullet_delay_on_slowmotion: fix not working as intended at all - bullets didn't regain the velocity back.
  • upside_down: fix left/right diving direction being reversed, resulting in almost no diving at all.
  • teleport_on_kill: prevent weapon_gauss from damaging player when it's used as teleport_on_kill weapon.
  • one_hit_ko: fix bullsquid's spit not killing in one shot.
  • one_hit_ko_from_player: fix any damage towards the player being huge enough to be a one_hit_ko.
  • weapon_push_back: fix empty crossbow making a huge amount of push back.

  • Fixed vanilla Half-Life bullet wall holes being rendered alittle bit under the crosshair.
  • Fixed vanilla Half-Life crash when alien_grunt's hornet hits you after going through change_level.
  • Fixed some of vanilla Half-Life xen maps not having proper gravity when you launch them with 'map' command.
  • Fixed Med Cabinets not giving out pills if you save/load while cabinet is opening.
  • Fixed non-player rockets being guided by player's RPG.
  • Fixed reloading both guns (berettas or ingrams) with single gun reload animation if you pickup additional ammo during reload.
  • Fixed cheat detection for custom gameplay mods not working when timer is paused.
  • Fixed dead player being able to touch end_marker.
  • Fixed [entity_random_spawner] working on all maps despite certain map is specified.


Originally scheduled to release on spring 2018, I think this is going to be the last major update for Half-Payne. I don't want to work on it anymore in the nearest future because I can't enjoy Half-Life modding in general for now and felt like forcing myself to work, which is always a red flag no matter what you do. I'd like to take a break from programming, then focus on some other projects and eventually proper game development instead.

I'm still gonna deliver a patch or provide support if required.

Half-Life - Twitch Integration

Half-Life - Twitch Integration

News 6 comments

Half-Life might've been streamed alot, but how about bringing viewer interaction with the game?

Half-Payne - Ingram Update

Half-Payne - Ingram Update

News 6 comments

Half-Payne latest update brings iconic Ingrams, more Max Payne soundtracks and custom game modes.

Half-Payne - Painkilling Update

Half-Payne - Painkilling Update

News 6 comments

Half-Payne latest update focuses on presentation issues and better delivery for your pain relief. It also brings several new game modes and other improvements...

Half-Payne - Game mode accessiblity and Music enhacements

Half-Payne - Game mode accessiblity and Music enhacements

News 6 comments

Plenty of new game modes were planned for the next update, but so it's happened that I focused on something else entirely.

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Half-Payne / August 4th 2022

Half-Payne / August 4th 2022

Full Version 18 comments

This small update fixes game crashing if it was ran with HD models enabled. Also check a couple of changes specified in description.

Half-Payne / July 18th 2022 (HD models crash the game)

Half-Payne / July 18th 2022 (HD models crash the game)

Full Version 13 comments

* Twitch credentials are not necessary to be saved in twitch_credentials.cfg file anymore to be able to play with Twitch integration * Tweaked several...

*UNOFFICIAL PATCH* Half-Payne 8/4/2022 for HL 25th Build

*UNOFFICIAL PATCH* Half-Payne 8/4/2022 for HL 25th Build

Patch 2 comments

Half-Payne / August 4th 2022 but fixed for Half-Life 25th Anniversary version.

Half-Payne / November 11th 2021

Half-Payne / November 11th 2021

Full Version 14 comments

This update is focused on stability issues and some quality of life changes. I wanted to make it after watching several Twitch streams and getting frustrated...

Selfmade HalfPayne CGM

Selfmade HalfPayne CGM


A little patch about Custom Game Mode of Half-Payne

Half-Payne / February 22nd 2019

Half-Payne / February 22nd 2019

Full Version 13 comments

This small update has additional secret weapon that didn't make it into Final Pain, some additional gameplay mods, better random gameplay mod rotation...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 297)
SeanGaming - - 213 comments

Here is some Half-Payne Walkthrough, I test Xash3D / WON version on this mods and the game might be broken due to compatible version. I actually played as Steam. This mod is pretty damn solid tier. There ya go!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
JeepyGMI - - 97 comments

This mod is fantastic. I’ve played it on twitch several times along with other half life speedrunners!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
memredi - - 24 comments

I've expected TEARS to play at the Anti-Climax sequence.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
unoriginality14 - - 38 comments

The voice actor of Max Payne, James McCaffrey has unfortunately passed away, and i'll take the opportunity to comment on the place that got me interested in the Max Payne franchise overall, thank you suXin for this great mod, thank you Remedy for this great series, and thank you James McCaffrey, for the great unique voice of Max Payne, rest in peace, James McCaffrey.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+7 votes
L-ZJo-Z - - 10 comments

I just tried playing but none of Max's voice lines were audible because of the Half Life update breaking the mod, even after switching to legacy beta. If I were more superstitious I would think I couldn't hear them because he's gone. :( suXin you need to fix this ASAP!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
suXin Creator
suXin - - 134 comments

steam_legacy still works, if there's no commentary then you're among people with odd case, probably related to audio setup/devices, I don't have resources to investigate/debug this with you right now

Reply Good karma+1 vote
someweirdo534 - - 6 comments

So, subtitles do not work at all. Can anyone help? If this is a bug problem please fix it as soon as you can, much appreciated

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 699,742 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

suXin Creator
suXin - - 134 comments

I'm aware the latest valve's update broke the mod, timing ain't good to start looking for fix

edit: they say that SDK update will come later and I'd like to wait for it first. I also noticed you can switch to steam_legacy branch, which is also an officially proposed fix

Reply Good karma+3 votes
Guest - - 699,742 comments

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