You're play a security guard be employed as Black Mesa Research Facility. In serving highly level research facility of the special one officer black security, they also called as secret security personnel, so your work need to going the safeguard through highly level scientists. You're familiar with the who knew name Eddy, but he try a hiding secret behavior, that you would be going next one justice sentencing in the depths of him, at the end must to stop his conspiracy.

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The maps are really well done, and the choice of SD models is nice. Another neat thing though is the soundtrack, it features an interesting choice of music from the Half-Life universe. However the broken English in the cutscenes and a few other minor inconsistencies are a rather large turnoff (for me at least). Still very fun though, if someone makes a patch for the dialouge it would be amazing. Nice work Braque.

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Really Nice!

May 24 2013 by Ogdred