Nihilanth's death stopped any future alien attack on Earth. But after some time, there raised something more evil. It was called Mother of Headcrabs. This monster started creating more powerful headcrabs, than anyone could imagine. There was a lot of varieties and different specialities. They were true warriors, really strong enemies... - By Michal Jirouš.

Weperlol says

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This mod is unfairly hard and pretty long too if you play both Real 1 and 2.

Everything kills you in 1 hit and if it doesn't then you will be in a ****** state but none of that matter as you will die, die alot.

the mod has custom enemies like headcrab types and lightning fast vortiguants

and some weapons from op4 and gunman chronicles so that's pretty cool.

the level design does get better at the end of the game.

If you think you're man enough freeman then finish this bloody mod.

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this mod dosen't **** around

Jul 16 2012 by stampp