Half-Life: Sum takes place during and after the resonance cascade in which you play as the tough as nails HECU grunt Jane Doe as she has to wade through 11 sprawling maps. A compilation of the previous released mods "HTC", "Autonomy Lost" and "Abeyance".

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I wish my brushwork looked like yours!

I previously felt that HTC was the best of the three mods linked together here, but as a whole it comes together nicely. I greatly enjoyed this, and it is such a treat to look at. To be cliche, short but sweet :)

The mapping is really great. I also love the atmosphere. What I don't like, however is the combination of low definition models and props with ultra definition ones. Same thing goes for textures, which are sometimes weirdlymixed.

On the short side, but a masterpiece!

Combat is tight, supplies are limited and the pacing is stellar. But the true selling point of this mod beyond the interesting premise is it's presentation. This tiny yet jam-packed mod is a masterclass of Goldsrce design and features among some of the best industrial maps ever set in Black Mesa!

It's not often I can think of any shortcomings in a mod but this is one of those times. Sum is the absolute definition of short and sweet with a hell of a journey and one memorable ending and shouldn't be missed by any fan of Half-Life.

Here's hoping we get to see more of Jane Doe!


This is a all around well build compilation,however it simply pales
in comparison to the evasion made
a bunch of years ago by the same

For all of you interested i made a review regarding this mod: Youtube.com


Now onto the formal part of the review. The story is fitting within the HL context, largely due to how down-to-earth and snazzy the maps are. Slick enemy placement, secret ammo hatches sprinkled around the environment and references to both DooM & Duke Nukem? Count me the f*** in!


Steel textures on wooden boxes, low Sniper usage, no boss fights, lame platforming, weird pathing.


miniz says

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Pretty great mod, I'd say not quite up there with something like poke 646, afraid of monsters but certainly fitting in among the higher ranked mods out there on moddb.

Had a bug with Xash3D where a map near the end didn't want too load in at all & had to move saves too my steam copy of HL1.

Once loaded in after the next cutscene ends & you can move freely again its all good too go & you can put the saves back to Xash3D

Basically three mods mashed into one with minor tweaks. A fun package overall.

This is a pretty good mod that is quite unique. However, the ending is what really held this mod down. The ending is very cliche and repetitive. Honestly, if the ending was different, this would be a much better mod. Overall, I enjoyed my time and would recommend this mod.


It's a great Half-Life experience you shouldn't miss. Several good stories are filnally merged in the one big. The best way to replay them again, or to play them in the first time. Enjoy!


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