Find a way to enter into the enemy base, and destroy it. This is your only chance soldier. - By Manax

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I loved it the only complaint is at there is a level that is very laggy.
Also There is no relod animation for the machine gun


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The mod is good and fun to play

Oddball mapping, strange left-handed weapons and fairly easy, this mod is still playable and not worth the 4 it has received on moddb.

I had no trouble with this running on Steam. I blasted through it Hard mode which actually seemed fairly easy in some sections. I don't know if you coded the enemies to be less accurate but they certainly had trouble hitting me.

There are just a few things that bother me about this mod that kept me from enjoying it fully. While the old school find key to open door, rinse and repeat method was fun to return to, it managed to be less intuitive in this mod. Maybe with some custom voice acting or some kind of colour coding would have made things more obvious. Also, the models included aren't great and the left handed weapons genuinely broke my concentration at first. Mapping isn't great and a lot of it blends into one long dull corridor after another.

Could have been better, but could have been much much worse. 5/10 for you. :D

Crashes way too much. From what i saw before it all crashed; it looked okay.


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