This is a mod for Half-Life 1 for the detailed textures in the game, without loss of performance.

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Minimal effort, minimal score. Enjoy your down votes I guess. :/

Duhh, nothing much really change. Just simply retex something and call it "Half-Life REMAPPED TEXTURE Edition"... just because nothing much change, this mod should deserve a 1/10 and this is highly not recommend unless you want your Half Life become a pile of junk.


More half life model ****. The **** that supposedly is supposed to make the models looks cooler but instead fcks it all up!

Another spam mod :(

You say this is a mod. What I see is a bunch of ported Half-Life 2 models, which you didn't port yourself, and then slapped into a download folder with the title "Half-Life Remapped Textures Edition," in fact, this mod does not use any new textures.



This may be just another hl2 pack but to me it looks decent enough as one in gamebanana

This is an horrible mod, that contains stolen models.
And look at the f*****g graphics, it's just awful. DO NOT download this, save your space in the HDD for other things.

This is horrible. Whoever gave this a 10/10 needs a beating.

Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate,

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