Half-Life mod "Prison" from Reaktor (creator of "The Trap").

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Holy crap, was this a cluster-cuss O_O

The name is a bit misleading, as the prison levels end rather abruptly, leading to very well detailed Xen levels from there on-out.

But these levels immediately turn to frustration, as many of the fights range from incredibly difficult to unfair.

There are, however, new NPC's to fight, such as mini-gargantua's, plus those looking for good Xen level design will be pleased, but be warned, this mod will kick your ***.

This mod was great, Some parts is hard, but finally, I finished it without god mode

However there also some bugs on some levels

BUT, still this mod is kickass!


I love this mod. It has interesting ideas and very good atmosphere. Good enemies, design and gameplay 10/10 !


ethics says

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Great mod.
Although it was difficult sometimes (I had to use godmode now and then) I thouroghly enjoyed the mod, with all the different settings and high-creativity surroundings.

Awesome ! It has been a long time since I have ever played to a mod so close to the original HL adventure. Very good ! I give it a 9/10 !


Outstanding! One of the best puzzle mod for Half-Life.


My second favorite half life mod ever!

My god what a masterpiece!

I haven´t played such a good mod in years.
Gameplay: Perfect! Challanging fights and difficult puzzles to solve. But they are allways fair. Play it on easy mode though. Thats difficult enough.

Graphics: Wonderful! The first black-mesa part may not be so great looking but once you go to xen it becomes better and better. I think I like this Xen even more then the original in HL. Those are some of the best graphics I have ever seen in a HL-mod.

Story: Im not sure if there is any and if so then it is in russion...

Most of all I like the creativity in this mod. So many new ideas. So many gameplay changes. So many nice special effects.

Clearly 10/10

Абсолютно гениальный мод, как по задумке, по атмосфере, так и по тщательности исполнения. Я переиграл во множество модов под HL1 (штук 50, не менее), так что мне есть с чем сравнить. Очень жаль, что автор перестал строить моды.
Очень специфическая атмосфера мода, непохожая на оригинал. Потрясающе "додуман" мир Ксен... это полноценная игра, а не мод даже.
Ставлю 10/10, если б можно было поставить 12/10, поставил бы такую оценку совершенно заслуженно.

'No way out'

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