Hi guys. This is my first ever mod so i decided to make it something simple, and what's simpler than a hd pack?? Well i honestly don't know but I hope you all enjoy this little pack it replaces and enhances only a few models and puts in some extras for a more "realistic or improved" gaming experience. If you would like to in anyway contribute I welcome it. Please report any bugs or glitches and again have fun. I was able to make this HD pack thanks to EDOC_32 and his mod "Spawner" i got the model ideas from his mod so really he did most of the work. Also unlike nay other HD pack maker i will time to time release weapon or model packs so you can see the mods progress.

.Eiko says

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Aside from Stolen Content,there are a lot of other HD Packs out there
that are build from scratch,plus some of the Models are poorly optimized for some mods,and thus breaking some compatibility

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