INVASION is a singleplayer modification of the famous game Half-Life. But a lot of innovations have been added. Among the most important new features, one can mention : - 44 maps : 5 levels of about 10 maps each. - 16 weapons, including 12 new ( infrared gun, flame thrower, sniper rifle ... ) - 2 new human enemies ( rocket launcher soldier and sniper ) and 2 new alien monsters. - a tank that you can drive and make its turret rotate independantly from the chassis. - a high definition bullet impact system, and particles blowing up from the walls on impact. - an entirely renewed protective suit, with a member-per-member damage management, and the possibility to stock batteries and medkits for subsequent use. - several gameplay innovations as digitpads use, or several kinds of ammo for the rocket launcher. - subtitles available in French, English, Spanish and German. Developed by the Invasion team.

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amazing, but a few things like aimbotting snipers made it frustrating

man, it's a great mod, but 1 point down, 'cause some levels are impossible to complete with low health

I was very on the fence about this mod, while it has alot of things going for it, but there are a few problems.
Lets shower the praise first, the level design is great. New areas galore. I liked the locations, the larger open areas and the crawl in vents with a lighter... the cloaked assassins, the new weapons & new models for all the original guns except for the satchel.
And its a very long mod...
Even a new way to use healthkits and batteries, you can carry them and use them when you want to.
It has subtitles translated for 4 different languages.
I also liked the fact that enemy snipers are quite deadly.

The problems:
One of the new weapons (the electro minigun plain sucks, it needs more damage, a larger clipsize and why not just give it bullets for godsake... it would have been great!)

On the camera only level where you have to avoid them, espionage is a great idea that I've only seen once in a different HL mod but it was very short and easy, here its done well and lasts about 15 minutes, you have to move very carefully in the right path past cameras. If you screw up they spawns grunts, you can see that they spawn out of thin air though which is a lame move to be honest.

You have to fight the helicopters and I can't remember the last time I played a half-life game or mod where you are forced to fight them.

The difficulty is really high, for some reason the grunts have perfect reaction time that is godly and all weapons do beefed up damage, while I'm fine with that.. the problem is you take the increased damage (Headshots still don't kill) which totally throws the difficulty out of whack.
I had to play on easy which makes me feel ashamed.
HL is a great game, they should have kept the damage values the same instead of screwing things up.
and those new rocket grunts are really bullet resistant for some reason... -_-
For contrast the part in the tank was really easy.
Theres also one ridiculously difficult puzzle which requires random button pressing.

this is awesome... One of the best mods ive ever played!


This is one of those mods like Paranoia 2 where it clearly appears that developers have great potential and could have released something awesome, if there were not so many obvious problems. It's one of those mods where you have to be very tolérant towards awful flaws in order to enjoy the mod's qualities. To sum it up, one of those mods with very cool, new, original features ruined by very basic, annoying, obvious problems.
From grunts sniping you in the smoke, an RPG auto-aim system that forces you to aim 1-2 seconds towards an helicopter which doesn't wait this delay to kill you (and the auto aim sometimes fail), a garage door that takes ages to open when you are under the fire of an helicopter, grunts appearing all of a sudden sometimes behind you and shooting at you, an air vent that explodes causing you damages with no way of foreseeing it.


Aublak says

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Great mod that adds a lot of new features to the original gameplay. It has it own unique style and the maps look absolutely lovely. Invasion has many new enemies and weapons. Some are a hit and others are a miss. Very classic HL puzzle and action pacing. The thing that stands out about this mod is that the mod maker put so much effort in minor details that you may miss on your first playthrough.

There were some gameplay elements I didn't care for, like making health packs and batteries as inventoried items. But it didn't detract from the gameplay much. The enemies seem to have incredible aim, but they go down easier. The only thing I really hated was the lack of a flashlight, the lighter was absolutely useless. Invasion is a bit buggier then your average HL1 mod.


HosseAKM says

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One of the best total-conversion mods I have played in my life! Original weaponry, tense gameplay and an excellent story (with an epic twist). Seriously, every second of this mod is worth it for what it gives. I'm giving it a 9.5/10 (which will be still 10/10 on the ModDB) because of the difficulty of the game. Sometimes is unfair, but felt more realistic and I personally enjoyed it.

very nice mod

I Remember That Days... GOOD TIMES.
Playing Half-Life EVERYDAY
But... Good Times?
No. I Still Playing This In Won Version
Still Amazing Like The First Time
I Played This Mod And This Game.
You Want A Perfect Mod?
Invasion Is The Best
Almost For Me.

The Best Half life´s Mods!!! This is perfect

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this is awesome... One of the best mods ive ever played!

Feb 7 2010 by bluluxabica

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