You are Gordon Freeman... It was a normal working day. Scattered Xen aliens were hiding even in the rear corners of the Black Mesa research facility. It slowly return normality in everyday work. The old not been destroyed buildings have been modernized slowly. You return from a normal disposal order, as in parts of the institution the power goes out. Power generators to keep running on the main equipment and and your mission is to restore the energy supply. On the half way you notice more and more Xen returnes to Black Mesa and the military is back ... Uncover a new, exciting plot in the Half-Life universe!

flippedoutkyrii says

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At the moment, there is a lot to improve on.

While the levels are much better detailed, paced and scripted then the last version, there are many problems with the mod.

For starters, the number of enemies are overwhelming. Not to mention the ammo and medkit placements are nearly nonexistent. These problems make the mod VERY difficult even on easy settings for veteran players.

There's a lot of potential here, and I hope the next release amps up the number of ammo and medkit placements.

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