You are Gordon Freeman... It was a normal working day. Scattered Xen aliens were hiding even in the rear corners of the Black Mesa research facility. It slowly return normality in everyday work. The old not been destroyed buildings have been modernized slowly. You return from a normal disposal order, as in parts of the institution the power goes out. Power generators to keep running on the main equipment and and your mission is to restore the energy supply. On the half way you notice more and more Xen returnes to Black Mesa and the military is back ... Uncover a new, exciting plot in the Half-Life universe!

Ci47 says

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The mapping ranges from either really nice and interesting to boring and blocky, and some of the areas are way to big and i could just glock snipe the enermies which isnt to fun. Scripted seqences were really well done. On one level the draw distance was set to default so that the level would draw as i ran this doesnt look to good and brings down an other wise really nice map. The mod didnt seem like it was tested all that much which could of been really helpful. over all though i did have fun enermy encounters were fun and ammo and health placement was just right. 8/10 :D

P.S the end fight was excellent :)

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