You are Gordon Freeman. On your quest to the Lambda lab you find another one of Black Mesa’s nuclear weapon storage facilities. This one is different though; a rogue group of military has stormed the building and plans to detonate the weapon to rid earth of the alien invasion. You, becoming aware of this, must deactivate the nuclear device to save innocent scientists, and to prevent the destruction of Black Mesa’s vast amounts of data, research and information.

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From 1999 to 2007 (The First Generation), Half-Life received some of the best mods ever created for it such as They Hunger, Half-Life:Chronicles, ETC, Solo Operations, and Half-Life:Ground Zero.

In HL:GZ, You play as Gordon Freeman who has stumbled onto a nuclear silo that the military is using to annhilate Black Mesa with. Though not timed like in 2008's smash hit Operation Nova, You still have the feel of rushing to avert disaster.

Ground Zero also has a few ideas not seen in Half-Life at the time such as Scripted trap rooms, Unexpected Ambushes, and Dead ends that can be deadly.

Ground Zero's Mapping and placement was very well put together and it feels like genuine Half-Life.


A lovely little mod with an ok story and short length.

The voice acting was cheesy but great, the level design was good, if you have some free time you should check this mod out :P.


seems legit.



A CLASSIC! Possibly this and they hunger are the most classic mods for half life. This was a fun mod with pretty good voice acting.


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what the **** is this garbage

classic xD

It hasn't aged well, especially in an age where lack of details can kill a mod, but I remember this fondly from the old days of Half-life, so it may just be nostalgia talking :/

However, any fan of half-life shouldn't give this the cold shoulder if they want some good ol' half-life fun. :)


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