After the Black Mesa incident... Save your own skin from the military and creatures warping in from Xen.

flippedoutkyrii says

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After having beaten HLE years ago, I was astounded to learn there was a sequal.

Both mods capture the essence of Black Mesa perfectly and offer plenty of thrills throughout each campaign and great level design, with the second spicing up the combat with higher-def models and custom features that bring the firefights to life.

The ending was a bit of a downer, but unexpected and of epic proportions (On Gold Source, anyway)

So if your crazy for more Black Mesa content then hold on, because the Escape series will give you a ride you won't soon forget :D

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This mod is very fun! It has nice mapping and it is very fast paced! I highly recomend it.

Feb 21 2011 by Schinchan56798