Half-Life: Version One (formerly called Half-Life Classic) brings back the old models and bobbing that we just don't see in the latest version today. We have closed development, but you can still download and play HLC.

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Magic_Nipples says

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It doesn't even work for the platform it was put on...

Get a Half-Life WON CD on Amazon, their cheap!

Very unoriginal concept. Genuinely just a waste of time because an actual Half Life: Beta or Alpha or whatever version you want already exists for free downloading. Genuinely brings nothing new to the table.


A poor recreation of a few features that the WON version had. It is poor and glitchy. Someone even forgot to delete the saves. The sash port Is so bad I don't want to talk about it. It crashes constantly. Buy the WON version for a few bucks off eBay, trust me, it's better than this hot pile of garbage.

Honestly it's pretty accurate to the original disc releases of HL. Don't understand all of the hate toward it. Good stuff. I honestly the hope the devs continue their work.

they are plenty of other better classic HL recreations, so why should we care about this one?


A excellent mod so far... Besides the missing textures.

Worst mod of the year.

Why not :D

This mod restores what the steam version got rid of. It brought back many features that made the game spectacular,the only recomendation I have for this mod would be to use the Xash3d Custom build in the shaft moddb post. That build of the engine brings back the software rendering and overbright features of the original half-life along with the cut shadows feature

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