Future Games Select and Cayle George bring you a prison escape like no other in this electrifying modification for Half-Life! Available NOW on Steam!

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Really well done mod of the GoldSrc engine. I liked the 80's vibe going on with the music and aesthetic. Combat was fun, albeit a bit challenging if playing on Hard difficulty. Could've used a bit more health and armor throughout. Was also a bit on the short side, as it took me about an hour to complete. But overall, I really enjoyed this. Nice work.

Very good mod.

Style meets Goldsrc in this adrenaline filled joyride, with some absolutely fantastic synthwave to top it all. The level design and sense of flow is amazing, with a totally spot on art direction that gives the Rock Island Prison the distinct look of 80s exploitation cinema.

If i’d have to nitpick anything, of course, it would be the duration (falls on the short side) and the kinda cheap difficulty curve at the end (when playing on hard).


(Originally written and posted by HandsomeShrek in RTSL)


* great graphics for goldsrc.
* great soundtrack.
* good level design and gameplay.
* lacks health kits (don't recommend playing on hard).
* one of the helicopters shoot annoying rockets near the end.
* gives you just enough rockets to hit the helis, you cant miss a single one.
* takes about 40 minutes to complete.

nice mod, but a little unfairly difficult

Simply an awesome Half-Life mod. Very well-polished experience. A little on the short side, but hey, I'd rather have a short and sweet experience than a long and drawn-out, boring experience.



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"A Return To The Golden Age Of First Person Shooters".

That.. Is a bold faced lie, Even more so than What I've seen playing through Caged. It's generally not anything like old first person shooters but like new garbage shooters like Halo and Far Cry.

While it does have some pretty pulse pounding action, It doesn't have any enjoyable things beyond that. I like unlocking content like others.. But the content of this mod sucks beyond what I've seen in other mods with content in them.

The mapping IS amazing yet but there are confusing areas that make no sense at all, Sad.. Considering how Duke Nukem 3D did make new content work last year, It's shocking to see how boring Caged is.




This mod is made by a former Valve employee, this gotta mean at least something, right? I've got nothing else to say, I've seen a walkthrough and this mod is gorgeous.

This one goes into the category of "it's alright".

Music is good and fitting if you like the sound of that time.

Mapping is somehow bland and uninspired. Feels constructed and not vivid like other maps I've seen Feels like coming out of a mapping workshop. It's solid but I could have played something better instead.

Action pacing is solid.

Puzzles are present albeit not very creative.

And what? 6 achievements? For a short mod? Stupid achievements really are invading every crane and notch nowadays.

All in all I went in with a good feeling and came out with a bad one. You know... the sort of "time wasted" one. Thumbs up for music and dev-commentary but that's about it.


This thing worth 10 for me, but only in comparison with other short episodes for Half-Life. I mean, it's really one of the best of SHORT HL episodes. The mapping is of top notch, the gameplay is hot, and almost everything is very stylish. I bet you will not regret about that time you spent for playing it. But do not expect to much from it, it's not a revolution in Half-Life mods, just a high-quality map pack.

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