I've wanted to do this mod for my liking and it is also nice to Half-Life Alpha. And so I ported models Half-Life Alpha, but maps the'm redoing.

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There's a lot, I mean A LOT of dead ends that make you backtrack half of the map, but otherwise it's fun to play.

Excellent mod but there are few bugs in maps.

I enjoyed the original leaked alpha, but I felt that there wasn’t enough to it. There were less weapons, broken scripts, etc. This mod fixes all those problems. I prefer this version than the original.


Awesome recreation of Half-Life Alpha


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this mod looks really amazing do think you will port it to source?

An excellent effort that captures the feel of the alpha/beta content in a refined playable form. As others have noted, what really bogs this mod down is the bugginess, doors are a bit rough to use and the first level is honestly the roughest to go through. After that, it really just ramps up in quality and becomes something really enjoyable. Totally worth a play!

The maps changed someway or anothe from original alpha.

It's decent, but i still recommend.


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