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Glad to see this is starting to shape up!

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im not gona lie the amazing progress here is really tempting me to get back into the modding scene my self xD love the script work on display here and i cant wait to see how you handle level transitions.

Still needs some visual polish tho like getting a functional HEV suit that actually appears on the player sprite.

The way I always saw it there are 2 options either integrate CS2Ds existing armor system with lua which would be easier but more restrictive or making a new system from scratch via custom lua scripts and sprites which is much more difficult but allows for a bit more artistic freedoms.

Another aspect I really like here is what you are going for in terms of the tile set IE making them look like walls and what not.

What I would do from here would be to polish the tile set and add specific corner tiles to make the walls connect a bit more seamlessly.

All in all though the progress here is still remarkable none the less and this mod is shaping up to be much more than even I ever anticipated 0_0

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Well, this map is completely apart from the project of you guys have been doing. Although, I uploaded this video on my YouTube channel, don't know if one who put it here established a contact with me to get this video here. Not a big deal though since I have a possibility to talk with you this way.

Thanks for recommendations. However, I was alone making this. Otherwise, I'd have done the things you said to me.

Ignore the date this video uploaded here, I uploaded it like 2-3 years ago on YouTube and I can, unfortunately, say that I gave up doing stuff about HL. It also was a dream for me to make whole stages, scripts, and gfx of HL for CS2D. However, seems like it is not going to happen as all you have gone too :( Nevertheless, thanks for letting me know what you think about this map.

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