Plot: It is developed in parallel plot Half-life 2 but action occurs somewhere and in Great Russia. On a plot this country has not been completely suppressed also people did not surrender up to the last, certainly, any time the alliance has got the best of the country, but among survived revolt in which you will participate, the protagonist - Andrey Bagrov, one of not many who managed to escape prepared. As all for certain know, in parallel with the main citadel in City 17 also other large bases of combines all over the world were under construction. Greatest of them - citadels. As it is banal, but on one of them you and should storm. You awake a part of game to pass not one, with you there will be your friend - Nikita Samojlenko the former officer of division SOBR, as well as you, and nowadays the simple person struggling for the life and for survival of mankind. You and your friend, as well as the majority of people in district send to city, preparation of attack to a citadel wh

Half-life 2 This is Russia (view original)

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