Powered with The_Author's : SMOD HL2 Modification and Valve's Source Engine 2006. this is a modification of Smod, using more realistic weapons, with the choice in-game to choose your game-style (Smod or Tactical) This mod include 19 custom weapons from the others Half-Life and 1 secret weap. To Play this Mod, You need Half-Life 2 (Not HL2:DM), Counter-strike:Source (Recommended)

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Credits to the Authors of the Models or Sounds ........

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-The Smod Author ( For making the Best Moddification)
-OneManShow ( usefull tutorials, MapAdds )
-Modderfreak ( some Weaps )
-SoJa ( AK47 Anims)
-ManTuna ( Deagle Anims)
-IIopn ( some Weaps anims )
-fitzroy_doll ( a bit of Inspiration ;D )
-Markworth (Q2 Blaster "MODEL", materials remade be me)
-Romka ( BM Chargers, material remade be me )
-Alex Portman,Lit Fuse films,Redsteak,n00buss,snood,J.Barnes,ranmaj ( Metrocops )

The rest was made or compiled be me ...

V8 - ChangeLog

-Added /QuakeSounds/
-Added /Italy,Dust,Office/ (Need CS:S)
-Fixed /Hl2 Chapters (Crashing)/
-Modified the StunPistol

  • -Shoots more faster
  • -Changed the sounds
  • -Use AR2 Ammo
  • -Damage increased by 50% (2 shots to kill a Metrocop)

-Added /Console/ Button in the Main-Menu
-Added Molotov

  • -Now Combine_s can throw Molotov,Grenades,Combine-Grenades

-Changed /Some Environmental sounds + Player's (Pain, Bullet-Time, Foot-Steps, Bullet-impacts ...)/
-Added Game-Mode Toggle In-Game

  • Also a Game-Mode Button in the Main-Menu

-Added a new Background
-Edited the Color-Correction


Hi Z00L, great mod, hope to manage to try it!
Thanks for bringing tactical combat features to HL2, the game lacked them so much)) the kicks, sprints and ironsighting fit awesomely to the game, adding realism. BTW, what are the head\body\arm\leg damage multipliers in the mod?

The only suggestion that came to my mind:
The StunPistol was most likely developed as a citizen deterrence weapon, as well as a stunstick (to stun and not to kill instantly), so the power of 2 shots to kill a fully-equipped Metrocop seems excessive to me (in this case a citizen would die of one shot, and in fact it would be no sense for metrocops to wield other kinds of pistols). The bullet-firing weapons should hurt more, just logically.

The fact SP uses AR2 ammo is OK, but why is the SP even more powerful than AR2? There should be three or even four SP shots for the Metrocop, I think (damage 8 or 9 in case of Metrocop default health equal to 26 would be quite realistic).

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Z00L Author

you have right ... i'll reduce the damage ^^

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Z00L Author

i've reduced the Damage to 12 instead of 20, also i've moddified the impact effect and Projectile Speed

now 2.5 shots are needed to kill a metrocop ^^

[Updated in the V8.1] wait for a Admin-Verification ...

read the full change-log in the V8.1 Desc.

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Thanks)) You did it correct :)

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