Half-Life 2 Project Extend is a mod,which will add a lot of cut things, maps,models and another from beta,and some even from Half-Life 1 to original Retail version of Half-Life 2,A lot of maps will be changed to look better,and will be added beta locations,which won't replace original Half-Life 2 maps,Many variations for already known enemies or Friendlies, Even some of them from Half-Life Alyx I will credit all people,which i got content from in end credits and in txt file in mod folder

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Hello there, as you can understand HL2PE is now on moddb,but don't worry development on HLSPE not cancelled.

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Hello there,as you can understand HL2PE is now on moddb, but don't worry development on HLSPE not cancelled,This is first article so i will show things i have

Added: Cut Hunter Skin

Added: Cut buggy model

Added: Hunter styled strider skin

Added: Cut blue Antlion Guardian

Added: Half-Life Alyx Combines

Added: Cut Half-Life 2 Elite Metropolice

Added: Cut Half-Life 2 Combine Skin

Added: Opposing Force 2 Synths

Added: AR2 better skin

dev d0027

dev d0025

dev d0019

dev d0027

dev d0017

dev d0021

Discord Channel link: Discordapp.com

Steam Group link: Steamcommunity.com

Half-Life Source: Project Extend: Moddb.com


Will you credit people which you get content from?

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illegy Author

Yes,Of course

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i got an idea like maybe some cut half life weapons? or retextured just asking

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illegy Author

It is coding,i don't plan add any new weapons,except Alyx Gun and Annabelle

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