This modification will tell you the story of the Elite Combine soldier who was entrusted with the very special mission. But for some reason - everyone - even the former colleagues are trying to stop him. And one question remains in this dark and harsh world where a minute of delay can cost you your life - can you complete your objective?

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Hello. With you again Mirror of war developer...I hasten to inform you that we have not died, as many people thought, likely.
From us long time could not be heard.
Sorry us for this. We want to show you one of the chapters, more precisely map.

And here's a new screenshot:

It's not only what we're working. I hope you enjoy.

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Knmbc - - 17 comments

Dead mod

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DrAlatar - - 2 comments

Ice Cream is dead.
Seems to be.
I don't see neither news nor new media files.

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vortegont Creator
vortegont - - 9 comments

Soon there will be news

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vortegont Creator
vortegont - - 9 comments

Well guys, how about the news? :D

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Singaporean - - 703 comments

Vote! Please don't disappointed. Despite, you don't announcing and releasing many of the new media.


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vortegont Creator
vortegont - - 9 comments

Thank you, Very much)

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Reborn:X - - 3,456 comments

It is for HL2 or for HL2:EP2 only? You should fix the mod directory here then.

By lore, Combine troops and especially Combine Elites do not possess higher emotions or emotions at all. This can be easily "bypassed" through having the main hero suffering a some kind of a heavy shock or a blow to his normalcy of duty.
There was an awesome but unreleased and forgotten mod that had a similar story of a equipment malfunction resulting in subsequent return to humankind of the Combine main hero.

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AwesomeFace879 - - 38 comments

Im sorry to disrupt the story, but Overwatch Elites or any kind of Overwatch Soldier aka combine soldiers Have no emotion at all, they dont show any reluctancy at all, they just do as they are told.

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Worthlet - - 162 comments

stupid blobs, rly

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vortegont Creator
vortegont - - 9 comments

Why do you think so?.. We - a soulless machine, obey any order ...
Without emotion ..
Sorry if there are grammatical mistakes=)...

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