Alyx and Gordon head off for a subterrainien adventure to hunt down a suspected Combine Advisor lying hibernation in a local mine complex.

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The level design is generally very minimalistic and conditional, with very little details - they're not enough to give you the feel of being in a real place. This makes you quickly run through these levels because there's not much to look at, but this is not possible due to puzzles.

Puzzles are about finding some item to use or some passage which is blended with the surrounding environment. This is annoying: you're forced to spend more time in an area than you'd like to - searching for the solution.

The combat offers very nice variety - from optional entertainment of throwing infinite grenades at infinitely spawning enemies to crushing everyone on your path with the car and throwing Magnusson devices at Striders.

When we finally reach the Combine Advisor, we just destroy it and the mod ends. Would be really nice to see some mod where the Advisor is a new enemy - formidable boss with customly programmed original AI and attacks.

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