Make your way through City 17 down into the sewers and back up to the light in this new Half Life 2 adventure. Four new maps filled with Grav Gun puzzles and intense action set peices all in the style of traditional Half Life 2 gameplay. If you miss Half Life 2 and can't wait for Episode 3 then this mod is for you.

DrOcto says

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A short, but well done mod. It has some minor bugs, which don't hinder gameplay, but look a bit odd. There is no real story as such, the player is simply thrown into the puzzle-solving and enemy shooting, without any major introduction. The level design overall was very pleasant, but a bit plain in some areas.
All in all I had a lot of fun playing this one hour long mod.

+ Clever puzzles with growing difficulties and variation
+ Satisfying, yet challenging combat
+ Well done maps

(- No extra content, everything was seen before)
- There was one progress impeding bug (including a double door and zombies hugging it, preventing me from opening it)
- One fight in a sewer area involves some difficult enemies, but provides too little light to properly see them, that was a bit unfair
- Some areas in the maps are a bit plain/bland looking

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