Caught by the remaining Combine, Gordon Freeman must escape to rescue his imprisoned rebel allies. Aided by the resourceful Dawn and her insurgents, you are sprung from captivity in order to spearhead a staged breakout from the notorious Port Halen Prison. But before you can get there you must loose your Combine pursuers and make your way through a wilderness long since overrun by the zombified. Welcome to the hour of Dawn… Written, designed, and developed by Rage Crew, based on Valve’s excellent design. Half Life 2: Dawn was developed as a student project on the IT-University of Copenhagen in 2006. It took us, a group of five game and level designers, around two months to get it all together, bringing you around one hour of game play. Enjoy! Download here!

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Stuck? (spoilers inside!) Rage_Jazzy Rage_Jazzy - read

Oct 9 2007

Welcome! Rage_Jazzy Rage_Jazzy - read

Oct 9 2007


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