Half-Life 2: Capture the Flag 2.0 brings the familiar Capture the Flag game play along with six other game modes in the new 2.0 release. True to its roots, the game pits the Rebels against the Combine in a fast-paced battle over the flags within the graphics rich environment of the Source engine. In this final release of the game, features introduced in all of the previous beta test versions have been now fully implemented. The mod in a nutshell is an homage to the fast-paced run and gun style of Capture the Flag such as found in Quake and Unreal Tournament. The mod is also 100% free to install and play under the free Source SDK!

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Because is fun


As a great Half-Life fan i can't give this mod anything but 10. Gameplay is awesome. Beta/leak weapons aswell as some quake weapons+runes. This game has dynamic fights, interesting gamemodes.HL2 and HL1 music and sounds adds atmosphere of singleplayer hl games. Must have ! The only problem are almost 24/7 empty servers. And i want to see more different gamemodes servers not only ctf :)


Really good multiplayer mod. I recommend :D

one of the best CTF in the HL-World!!


bad servers training modus don't work the best way to say it is BAD MOD


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great mod but a shame that most mods arent so successful such as zombie master



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Like CTF. Cool mod.

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