Vector Prime is a Star Wars-themed modification to Haegemonia: The Solon Heritage. Its timeframe encompasses an era from the end of the old republic to the might of the New Republic and the Imperial Remnant. Playable "races" or factions are the Rebellion (later New Republic), the Galactic Empire, and another faction - pirates, civilians, bounty hunters and other indpenedent groups that have always had good influence on intergalactic politics. The modification also incorporates a random map generator, built into the game's launcher for easier functionality, unseen before in the Haegemonia series. From an extended galactic environment to the tactical mastery of the Jedi of the New Republic, you will find Vector Prime to be much more than just a simple graphics modification. Admiral, consider re-thinking your strategies before the next operation.

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Hi folks! It's been a while.

Major Update 4 was released back in 2011 - and boy how quick time flies. Seeing that there is renewed interest in this wonderful game called Haegemonia and its modifications, I think it's time for a quick re-brief.

I know that there hasn't been any development in the mod lately, and even back in the day I considered MU4 to be final. So I ventured off to other things and my life got gradually busier every month, every week. Luckily enough, this hasn't changed even today.

To get things straight, I certainly won't have the time to work on an MU5 - but I think I should be able to put together some bugfixes that might hinder gameplay. So I ask you, the community for help: if you are interested in making VP a fully playable, complete mod, help me by compiling a list of things you want me to look for. Just send your reports as comments to this news entry. Please be as precise and descriptive as you can be, because I want to concentrate on fixing the issue, and not spending days just trying to figure out where I should look. For example, an "AI does not colonize planets on easy difficulty, uncolonized planets in system include volcanic, arctic and ocean." helps me more than an "AI is not okay".

Well, that is pretty much it. Thanks for your continued interest in Haegemonia.

dirtbag007 Creator

Tried to play MP with the steam version today, but the game wouldn't xfer maps. Likely a ****** steam release issue. Going to look into it :)

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the game crashed 3 times i played rebels each time was when i was building b-wings, i will try and reproduce more.

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