Vector Prime is a Star Wars-themed modification to Haegemonia: The Solon Heritage. Its timeframe encompasses an era from the end of the old republic to the might of the New Republic and the Imperial Remnant. Playable "races" or factions are the Rebellion (later New Republic), the Galactic Empire, and another faction - pirates, civilians, bounty hunters and other indpenedent groups that have always had good influence on intergalactic politics. The modification also incorporates a random map generator, built into the game's launcher for easier functionality, unseen before in the Haegemonia series. From an extended galactic environment to the tactical mastery of the Jedi of the New Republic, you will find Vector Prime to be much more than just a simple graphics modification. Admiral, consider re-thinking your strategies before the next operation.

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Great news! davoodoo42 has managed to backport the TSH Sound System Error fix to Legions of Iron, and what is better yet, he has shared this with the community.

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Thanks to davoodoo42, you can finally enjoy your favourite Legions of Iron storyline on Windows 7 as well. He has successfully backported the TSH Sound System Error Fix to the original game's executable, bypassing the Sound System Error and making this fun game once again playable. We thank him for his great effort, for this is a magnificent achievement!

We must note that because the fix is based on an original, non-GOG version of the game, it will now ask for a CD-key just like any legal version. Unfortunately, this means that those having a GOG copy of the game will have to find their way around to a CD-key.

There have been issues with Legions of Iron and Windows 7, like invisible ships or fonts not appearing correctly. The invisible ships problem is not inherent to Windows 7; it should be fixed by installing Digital Reality's official patch and then the Legions of Iron Sound System fix as second. The Sound System error which appears on Win7 is now fixed thanks to davoodoo42. Unfortunately I don't know an answer to the slurred fonts problem that has appeared in the past, but let's hope it's not a fatal problem to deal with.

Have fun re-playing Legions of Iron!

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