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A Small Update. Also, Our team and some folks from LambdaGen have started a petition to bring Gunman Chronicles to Steam and an interview with Herb Flower, the creator of the original Gunman Chronicles. :D

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The team is currently taking a short break. When I have time, I'm working on the Soundtrack and dialogue. We have a new mapper, but we need to get our maps planned out. I have personally started working on a few maps, only to find that they were too much to-scale with the original. It seems a bit if re-design is quite necessary, including expansion, etc. I'm planning to do this in paper first. When the team gets back, I think we're gonna follow Herb Flower's advice. From there a proper, organised schedule will be launched. I've been having trouble in Pro Tools, so I'm gonna need to do more trial and error stuff with the soundtrack. I'm constantly running into difficulties and all, so it's not gonna be as easy as I thought (It's a 25 Track Soundtrack). We've got a bit of media and models floating around, but I think most of us feel that we've got a long way to go before we have something we feel is perfect enough to have in the final thing, so for the time being we're going to refrain from posting stuff that is almost definitely subject to perpetual modification. So that's the bad news about major media updates for the time being, but you can count on me posting something now and then.

Herb Flower was the project lead for the original Gunman Chronicles and the head of Rewolf, until it became defunct. He currently owns a videogame company called Mythyn Interactive, who are currently developing a game called LinkRealms. Anyway, I've recently contacted him in hopes of asking some questions for our Mod Project, and he happily agreed.

In Gunman Chronicles, it is of note that the game shares quite a variety of different themes. Were there any major inspirations for the game, and if so, could you tell us about them?

Hehe, to be quite honest, most of our settings existed because we enjoyed
making the different settings. At first there was no master plan, actually. We just wanted to see what could be done.

Throughout Gunman's development, how many people in total worked on the


I'm going to say about 12 people did important work on the game. 3 important programmers, 1 main 3D modeler, 2 texture people, 1 main soundguy, and from there it was a lot of mapping people, music etc.

Can you recommend any specific approach that would help us in
developing our Mod?

That's a very good question. Hum. I have an idea. If I were doing what you are doing, I'd pick a favorite map and concentrate only on recreating it in the new engine. Upgrading terrain and monsters. That would give you an idea of your team's skill level and how much time it'll take. Of course skill level increases with practice. Most of my guys were freakin' awesome by the time the project was over.

One thing we could never decide about is whether Gunman was set in the
distant future, or a parallel reality. Could you help us settle this once and for all?

Future for sure.

Did Rewolf ever plan for a sequel to Gunman Chronicles? Was such a
possibility ever discussed?

Yes it was discussed. We had considered a PVP-only project along the lines of Team Fortress/Counter-Strike also, using the new engine. We also had another game idea for an FPS of a ship that crashes on a very alien world. Of course, what I didnt expect was that all of the guys got their game developer creds from Gunman and decided to go get paycheck job instead of continuing on the entrepreneur path with me. So it all ended.

Could you tell us about any features, story-line, concepts, characters,
enemies etc which were cut from the final game?

There were more xenomes planned. But to be honest, not much was actuallybuilt and then discarded. Just stuff we didn't have time to add.

Is there any specific Gunman Backstory you could elaborate on?

No back story that wasnt presented in the game. Obviously it haspotential: The story of how the AI got left on the rusty moon. More aboutthe General and the scientists.

Considering Valve currently owns Gunman Chronicles, why haven't they
released it on Steam?

Quite honestly I've wondered about that myself! It wouldn't be much work.I know I get a few crashes on my modern computer but I'm sure they couldwork those out. Probably already have.

That's about it. One more thing, a long-shot, we wanted to ask you about;
is there any way you could show us some of the concept art or plot details or plans from the original game? We wanted to have a glimpse of how Gunman was originally designed, for we have very little to go from. Even some concept pictures would do. If this is not possible, don't worry about it, we were just wondering.

Okay, here's the big thing about Gunman's actual art: Almost all of the texturing was done by using sculpey clay, sculpting thetexture ( Rock, metal pipes, monster skins etc) and photographing it andthen making it wrap with photoshop etc. We always called it pizza-boxtechnology since at first the textures were built on cardboard (latermasonite). I airbrushed the color on them and used various paintingtechniques. Sometimes we'd drop some sand on the stone etc. I rarely usethat technique these days but I consider it great for certainapplications. I can tell you more about that later if you want.
*End of Interview*

Not bad, huh? Herb was very enthusiastic about this interview, personally I think his answers were interesting and honest.

We are currently in desperate need of:


If you feel you can help us in anyway, whether it be Mapping or Modelling or Coding or Concept Art or Writing or whatever, feel free to email:


Ah great to see an update from you guys! Naturally I joined the steam group and the interview was great btw!

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Coolies. I joined the Petition group. Nice interview, I didn't realize Valve owned the rights. I really wonder why they haven't put it on Steam yet.

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Hi all, we are a young company, founded and directed by Adrian Banninga, who was one of the original developers at Gunman Chronicles (3D modeler and animator for Rewolf).
Soon we are going to publish our first game, Darkout, and to nurture our community we are doing a series of interviews to the team members. Today we published an interview to Adrian in our forums where he talks about the history of Rewolf and details about development of Gunman Chronicles.

I'm sure you would love to check it out, there are some new details that enrich what Herb is telling here in the interview:

Jesús Fabre (Community Manager at Darkout)

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