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BeWarn says

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This mod is one of the most completed mod so far in terms of presentation and ...

What this mod standout from the rest are the originality of scripts + mechs + maps, like those of Seedmod, RB Jam, and EXVS FB 3.0. Moreover, Modders also go beyond the limitation of this engine such as creating different beam sound effect and timed power up, which most of modders cannot overcome these engine limitation.

The name of PureEvil is quite well-known in UKWXP modding communities for his own original idea and unique script. You can expect fancy moves from most ordinary mech in this mod. This mod would definitely blow your mind if you haven't got that too much already.

In terms of gameplay, It is middle to fast-paced (toward to fast end.) This mod definitely have faster pace than most mods around here, but no too fast like one hit kill in some mods (except 02 nuke but its one shot per life anyways). So this mod still gives some room to make an playing error and can still comeback from those errors. Personally, this mod is gear toward to melee mech. I feel that most of Melee mechs are very powerful, even the 2000 cost such as Baratos. The gap closer is so strong that you have very little reaction time to guard against it. And of course most of the time the speed of those gap closer is faster than mech flying speed.

Overall, I recommend to try this mod. This mod does and has most everything that UKWXP players and modders expected from.


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deandreperry43 says

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Its awesome


NitroExpress says

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If you LOVE GUNDAM than this is the right thing, BUT EVEN IF YOU´RE NOT its still a GREAT GAME/MOD ! NO DOUBT !!!

BTW.: Standalone which works on win7 also worked on win10 of a friend of mine. i think this side note can be added


IanMaverick says

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If you're looking for a good gundam game for PC then this is the right game for you!!! seriously, this game is what I'm looking for in a PC. The originality of the scripts is amazing. Although some of the suit's needs fixing this is the most decent gundam game pc out there. So goodjob PureEvil sensei!!!


Deadhead13 says

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If you're looking to get a Gundam fix on the PC, then this mod is definitely something you should check out.

The mobile suit selection is large, however there are a few strange omissions such as the lack of the original RX-78-2, Zeta, and the Double Zeta. Hopefully they can be added in a future update and then this mod would be a 10/10 for me. The maps and music selection are excellent, giving us plenty of locale and tunes throughout the franchises history to duke it out in. The gameplay also does a wonderful job of emulating the frenetic combat of it's namesake. If you're familiar with WindomXP then you'll be familiar with the multiple modes the mod offers. There is the standard affair such as arcade, survival mode, local multiplayer as well as online. As an added bonus, the mod is standalone, so you don't really need WindomXP to run it.

Aside from the lack of some staple MS, this is perhaps the best Gundam experience on the PC that is readily available. Highly recommended.


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