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Monthly update. Contain new shader & monthly update for a few units.

Gundam Versus Mod 1.11 (update)

OKAY!!! =D

So here are my bug reports so far on this update for you guys. Please take them into consideration:


- Melee Animations are VERY clunky and jarring. After playing the United Mod and feeling just how fluid they animated theirs, it feels so jarring to see the melee animations back to being clunky again. For reference to what I'm talking about, Play as Shenlong Gundam in the United Mod Beta right now for 10 minutes, and you will see what I mean.


- His assist does not aim for **** and the two mobile suits just shoot either upwards or to the side of what you're targeting.

- You guys REALLY should just make him start w/ Form 5 and make him go Form 6 only when he goes EX Burst. That would make him FAR less over-complicated than what he is right now.

- His Melee in Form 1 seems to be broken, as when I try to attack from the left side, he still moves towards the RIGHT for some odd reason.

- Barbatos's Huge Cannon SHOULD NOT allow him to move whenever he takes a shot with it. That cannon has serious recoil to it. If anything, that should be a challenge for Barbatos Players, to time their shots properly with it, since they have to stop and shoot with each shoot. Also, the cannon shell from the cannon is way too puny looking to be convincing. It looks like a normal bullet, not a cannon shell. Ontop of that, it seems to do a little too less knockback to be accurate to the lore.


- Suffers from the same problems as before. Uses the same Melee Animations as Vanilla Barbatos, and doesn't feel different enough from it to make it feel like it's own unit.

- The Twin Maces should NOT be used for just a Ground Pound attack. They should be used in combos of their own. See Barbatos Lupus in Gundam Versus for reference on this one:

- His Main Cannon on his forearm SHOULD NOT be a machine gun. It should be Single Shot, but still capable of moving with each shot; unlike Vanilla Barbatos.

- Perhaps consider implementing an attack for him where he uses TWO 200mm Cannons like this?


- Yet again, he has the same exact Base Melee Combos AND Subweapon 1 & 2 as Lupus by default. The only time where he becomes completely unique is when he goes into Rage Mode with the Glowing Eyes. This is a problem, and he needs to be more unique from Barbatos and Barbatos Lupus.

- You forgot to add in one weapon of his. The Anti-Ship Lance Mace:


- His Side Melee Combos and Normal Melee Combos are exactly the same as each other. The only one that's not the same is the Forward Melee. This needs to be modified.

- He is missing one particular weapon. The Gusion Chopper:


- The Aile Strike is STILL the laziest **** I've seen so far. Every single one of its moves is a clone of KD-05_3. The shield throw, the melee attacks, and even the Rapid Fire Beam Rifle attack. The Aile Strike has FAR more to offer than that.

- The Aile Strike's melee attacks SHOULD NOT be two-handed, since it's just a Beam Saber. That's what the Sword Strike is for.

- The Launcher Strike SHOULD NOT have a Beam Rifle whatsoever. The ANGI Hyper Impulse Cannon should be it's Primary Ranged Weapon. Where it has to STOP every time it fires. Have it like the Blast Impulse where it can either Fire it's Cannon normally, or Charge It for a larger beam. Again, this has been a thing in nearly every Gundam Versus Game with the Launcher Strike in it. Please modify that accordingly.

- The Sword Strike's Beam Boomerangs don't even throw straight. The model for them looks pointed diagonal while it's in the air.

- The Sword Strike's Melee needs some SERIOUS originality to it as well. It is yet again, just a carbon-copy clone of KD-05_3's melee. At least I can say it doesn't feel unnatural here, unlike the Aile Strike. But that's still not saying much. It feels very lazily done.

- The Strike IWSP SHOULD NOT have a Beam Rifle either. The Gatling Gun on the arm should be it's Primary Ranged Weapon it shoots with. The whole point is to make sure each Striker Pack is unique and requires different tactics on all of them. And yet the Launcher Strike AND the IWSP both have Beam Rifles for some inexplicable reason. This gives the player ZERO INCENTIVE to use the Aile Strike whatsoever. You see how it's a problem????

- The Strike IWSP has Green Beam Saber Blades visable in it's Physical Swords. Please fix that visual glitch.

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- HeavyArms' Gatling Guns are misaligned when they fire. The Right Dual-Gatling fires Diagonally Up while the Left One fires perfectly straight. This causes glitches in combat where HeavyArms tends to aim upward for some reason. Please fix this.

- Having HeavyArms do the Circus Flip with the Missile Spread SHOULD NOT be his Subweapon 1. That should be his EX BURST ATTACK for when he's in EX Burst Mode ONLY. That's how it is in Extreme VS Maxi Boost ON, and it's way more balanced that way. Instead, his Subweapon 1 should be his Missiles on his SHOULDERS specifically.


- The Sniper Rifle SHOULD NOT be his Primary Ranged Weapon. That should be reserved when he's in Sniper Mode. Instead, have it be either the 90mm Bullpup Machine Gun OR a 100mm Machine Gun. That would be far more lore-accurate and make more sense in terms of balance. There are A LOT of weapons the GM Sniper II has overall. Take your pick:

- The Bazooka should not be only fired when in the sniping position. It should be fired like a normal bazooka would in any other circumstance.

- The Sniper Rifle is still FAR too weak and puny. If you make the beam larger, faster, and more powerful, it would give the GM Sniper II far more competitive merit. I know you said it was just a meme, but you have no idea the potential you're missing on here. Please look this over.


- It's Subweapon 2 and Subweapon 3 should not use the same type of Blue/Red Beam. If anything, the Subweapon 2 should just use Very Large Yellow Beams instead.

- You forgot to add in the mode where the Build Strike can detatch its flier from its back that you had with the Build Fighters Mod. Please have this be an option for him ONLY when he enters EX Burst Mode, and that would make perfect sense for him.


- Berserk Mode should NOT be Permanent until next respawn. It should have a set time limit to itself. That would be WAY more fair and balanced for it.

- When in Berserk Mode, you should replace it's Beam Hoop attack with something different. It does have an AoE Stun in Extreme VS Maxi Boost. I would probably see that game for references on how to proceed with that one:

- Nobel Gundam can STILL sub-attack abuse.


- Replace his Assist Subweapon 1 with the ability to Throw the Heat Shotels, and that would be far better off for him. He already has a Machinegun. He doesn't need more of them. That's just redundant.

- His Melee Attacks are WAY too fast. Those are heavy shotels after all. Slow them down a bit to make it more accurate.


- Naadleh's Trial System is still stupidly overpowered. You should make it a One-Shot AoE Stun ONLY USABLE in EX Burst Mode and that's it. Again, use the Gundam Versus Naadleh for reference on that one.

- Naadleh's Melee still needs more added to it. It's Beam Saber combos should be WAY more intuitive, since that's a strength Naadleh has over Virtue that prevented it from being good at Melee Combat. MANEUVERABILITY. Naadleh should have far better Melee Capabilities, but it doesn't really. That's a problem that needs to be fixed.

- GN Bazooka Burst Mode Subweapon 3 should have a much larger beam than what it does right now.

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- Okay, so you gave him a Beam Saber and made the Excalibur Sword only for his Subweapon 1. That's GREAT! But the problem with this is that he has the same problem as the Aile Strike. He swings his Beam Saber like a Great Sword. That should not be a thing at all. He should swing it One-Handed, not Two-Handed. That makes no sense.

- Instead of having the Excalibur Sword fall from the Sky, have him take it off the Sword Silhouette like he does in the Anime. That would be far more Lore-Accurate.

- Sword Impulse could use a bit more variety with it's Melee Combos. The Base, Left AND Right Combos all seem to be the same. It should have more variety where he uses the two Excaliburs Dual-Wielded instead of Combined.

- Same problem as the Sword Strike. The Beam Boomerangs are not flat when they're thrown. They're diagonally pointed up. This looks just wrong and lazily done. Please fix that.

- The Blast Impulse SHOULD NOT have a Beam Rifle. If anything, it's Hyper Impulse Cannons on its back should be its primary ranged weapon; where it has to stop to fire them every time. Also, the hyper impulse cannons should take up A LOT of ammo with each shot, since they're very powerful weapons that do a lot of damage and have a lot of knockback.

- You should not be able to SPAM the Hyper Impulse Cannons by simply pressing Melee. That's abusable as ****, and shouldn't even be possible in the first place. Please remove that ability immediately, and just make the Hyper Impulse Cannons his Main Ranged Weapon as stated above. That would be way more fair, balanced, and logical to do. Also, have it like the Destiny Gundam has with ITS Hyper Impulse Cannon, where if you charge it up, you get a Larger Beam Shot. But ONLY have it able to charge up the Hyper Impulse Cannons and NOTHING MORE.

- The Blast Impulse SHOULD NOT have Head Vulcans for its Subweapon 1. Instead, these should be reserved for the RAILGUNS it has above its shoulders, as seen here:

- The Blast Impulse SHOULD have the ability to use Melee Attacks. It has it's own exclusive Melee Weapon dedicated to the Blast Silhouette for this very reason, after all. The Beam Javelin, as seen here:

It can slash AND stab with it, and holds it two handed most of the time. The main difference is that even though it does more damage and hits harder, it swings it slower than it would a beam saber. Please implement this, as it would give the Blast Impulse way more options for combat.

- Instead of having a Massive Beam of the Hyper Impulse Cannons for his Subweapon 3. Have him throw his Beam Javelin instead, like he does in the anime. That would make a whole lot more sense for him to do in terms of gameplay AND lore-accuracy.

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- G-Self Space Pack SHOULD NOT have an assist from the Dark Grey Phenex. That was a one-time deal, and plus, he was AN ENEMY in that OVA. Why on earth would he be an assist for him? If anything, a proper assist for him would be the G-Arcane.

- G-Self Space Pack SHOULD NOT have a Super Laser for it's Subweapon 1. If anything, it should have that AoE Knockdown where Belri yells "SU-CORD!" and a sphere of energy repels enemies nearby him as seen in G-Reco Episode 4 @ 18:20 in. I think that would make more sense to have as his Subweapon 1 for that, but at the same time, I feel like it should have a pretty long cooldown.

- G-Self Reflector Pack needs a complete reworking. First of all, it should ABSOLUTELY still have a Beam Rifle. Second of all, it should still have an Armshield. Third, it should also still have Head Vulcans. Fourth, blocking with the Reflector Pack SHOULD NOT charge up the Beam Rifle for a Superlaser Shot AT ALL. Instead, it should charge up the Phoenix-Like Ability of his that can be used as a Melee Attack that ALSO deflects all damage while it's in effect; and cannot be blocked. HOWEVER, it should require at least A DOZEN shots to be absorbed in order to do this attack in the first place. If you wish to see what it looks like, then see G-Reco Episode 6 @ 19:12 for reference on what I mean. If anything, its subweapons should be like this:

a.) Subweapon 1 = Head Vulcans
b.) Subweapon 2 = Special Defensive Ability where if it gets hit with a Beam Rifle specifically while using it, will charge up the Reflector.
c.) Subweapon 3 = Phoenix Charging Attack

- More Packs are desperately needed for the G-Self. Two is absolutely not enough. If you can make it so that it has the Assault Pack and the High Torque Pack, that would give it 4 to play with, and give it WAY more to utilize. The Assault Pack would be for Heavy Fire Support, while the High Torque Pack would be for High Speed Hand-2-Hand Brawler Combat; with some Beam Saber Slices mixed in there every so often. But with the High Torque Pack, it should NOT have the ability to fly in mid air. It instead should only be able to hover along the ground at a VERY High Rate of Speed; due to the HEAVY WEIGHT of it. It should also still have Head Vulcans with the High Torque Pack as well to give it SOME form of ranged weaponry.


- Yet again, you need to replace it's Kicking Melee Attacks with Beam Saber Melee Combos; as shown in not just the anime, but also in Gundam Versus itself IMMEDIATELY. It's obvious that you used KD-06_3 as a base for the ANI on this one. But it's kicking melee combos are completely out of place. They need to be swapped out with REAL Beam Saber Attacks like its supposed to have.

- It's Subweapon 1 SHOULD NOT be a Double Bazooka Firing. Instead, make it the Chain Explosive that it uses in Gundam Versus and Extreme VS Maxi Boost ON. That would be far better off.


- This Gundam is missing a few of it's weapons and abilities. Compare and Contrast YOUR Full Armor Gundam with the one from the United Mod and you will see what I'm talking about.


- Instead of a Xamel Assist for his Subweapon 1, it should instead be the MLRS.

- His Head Vulcans SHOULD NOT be his Primary Ranged Weapon. The Beam Bazooka should suffice instead for that, with his Head Vulcans being a Keep-Away Attack where you Hold Guard and press Shoot. That would make more sense and give him more options.

- Instead of Overcharging his Beam Saber for Subweapon 2, have him use the 125mm Recoil-Less Rifle instead, and have his Beam Saber get Overcharged when he goes into EX Burst Mode instead. That would be far more logical.


- The Beam Spam is still not updated to the HD Remastered Version; where it makes more sense.

- The Balaena Plasma Cannons on the Wings STILL fire WAY too fast. They should be a Heavy Laser type of attack. NOT a Rapid-Fire one. See the United Mod's Freedom for reference on how to do them properly.


- The Beam Scythe Ranged Attack should NOT be a thing at all. If anything, it's Head Vulcans should be its Primary Ranged Weapon.

- If you were to take my advice and update it to the Glory of Losers version of Deathscythe Hell, you would be able to give it another ranged weapon. The Claw Shields on the waist, that can be launched as projectiles.


- All the same problems with Tallgeese III's Melee being completely broken are still there and completely untouched. Please fix this in the next patch.

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- The problem with the Wing Thrusters being completely wrong is still there and totally untouched. The Wing-Tip Thrusters should not be that huge, and the Back Thruster should be WAY BIGGER as that's where the majority of the thrust is coming from in the first place.

- Destiny's Melee is WAY too fast. It's using a Huge Anti-Ship Sword after all.

- The Destiny Gundam's Voiture Lumiere Wings should only activate when EX Burst Mode is enabled, AND should be releasing After Images as you move with them on.

- That really flash cinematic Melee Attack it does should only be usable IN EX BURST MODE. Instead, his subweapons OUTSIDE of EX Burst Mode should be something like this:

a.) Subweapon 1 = Head Vulcans
b.) Subweapon 2 = Beam Boomerangs
c.) Subweapon 3 = Hyper Impulse Cannon

When EX Burst Mode is activated, that's when he should get a new set of attacks:

a.) Subweapon 1 EX = Palma Fiocina Palm Cannon
> Down + Subweapon 1 = Fire it from a distance as Ranged Weapon
b.) Subweapon 2 EX = Signature Sword Impale Attack
c.) Subweapon 3 EX = Flashy Cinematic Rapid-Slash Melee Attack from Before

That seems like it would work out MUCH better for the Destiny overall, and make it flow much better.


- NT-D should only activate when in EX Burst Mode; resulting in it getting entirely new attacks. Having you fire a beam rifle shot which triggers it is cumbersome and not practical.

- When NT-D is not active Banshee Norn should have its signature Thruster Twirl Maneuver to help it move around and dodge faster. See Gundam Extreme VS Maxi Boost ON for reference on that one.


- Same Problem with NT-D as stated with Banshee Norn

- Phenex's Melee needs to be SERIOUSLY BUFFED. It's melee combat is UNBELIEVABLY Pathetic and Weak, when it really shouldn't be. Especially when in NT-D. Please rework his Melee Moveset and make him more Melee Oriented when in NT-D.


- There is a SERIOUS Gamebreaking Glitch with Proto Zero where when you charge up his Buster Rifle, it in turn charges up his ENTIRE EX BURST METER with it. He doesn't just charge up based on the energy you've been collecting on currently. This makes him VERY Overpowered. Please fix immediately.


- The ability of his where you press Down + Melee and he flies up into the air and can litearlly SPAM Buster Rifle Shots almost RAPID-FIRE like needs some SERIOUS rebalancing. He ABSOLUTELY SHOULD NOT be able to fire the Buster Rifle THAT FAST. There should be a between each shot. If anything, the way you did it with Gundam X Maoh in the Build Fighters Mod was WAY more reasonable. You should be doing that style with Wing Zero AND with the Double X & Virsago Chest Break while you're at it. That would make a WHOLE LOT more sense and be FAR more balanced.


- Hi Nu's Moveset needs some SERIOUS reworking. First of all, he doesn't have his Head Vulcans. Second of all, the Battleship Cannon Thing should be his EX Burst Attack like it was in the game. It should not be usable outside of EX Burst Mode. Third, if the I-Field takes enough hits, it should automatically deactivate on its own. It should not be permanently up until the timer runs out.


- Strike Freedom is missing a lot of its weapons, still. The Callidus Energy Cannon on the chest, and the Xiphias Railguns on the hips should ALL fall under Subweapon 1. Just have it set like this:

a.) Neutral Subweapon 1 = Head Vulcans
b.) Left + Subweapon 1 = Callidus Energy Cannon
c.) Right + Subweapon 1 = Xiphias Railguns

The United Mod's Strike Freedom does exactly that, and it works out BEAUTIFULLY. Please see to doing soomething like that for yours, as it would be way easier to utilize all of its weapons with.

- It's missing it's EX Burst Attack; which should be with the M.E.T.E.O.R Unit. You claimed that this would be Overpowered, but I can assure you that it is NOT. The United Mod managed to do it PERFECTLY with their Strike Freedom in a balanced matter, and you can definely do the same. They have it so that you must be in EX Burst Mode, and then press Down + Subweapon 3 to use it. It's very clever of them on their part. Please take this into account.


- The Axis Drop EX Burst Attack STILL needs a SERIOUS BUFF. It should have the same heavy impact as GP02A's Nuke at the very least. This IS a Colony Drop, after all.


- Epyon's Melee is STILL completely broken. The Rapid Stab Attack is completely uncontrollable, and is more or less an infinite. It needs to be reworked entirely.

- The Heat Rod, just like Tallgeese III, is still a straight object, when it's supposed to be curved like Nobel Gundam's Beam Lasso.


- The Double X's Head Vulcans are overpowered in the fact that they keep firing indefinitely even after you've run out of thruster meter. Please fix this.

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PureEvilWindom Author

- Dont report the unfixed dude in changelog, you waste your own time.
- I dont know for the other units but 3 units shenlong, X & proto zero is legit DZ works with higher skills & spend more time for each units while i only spend 2 weeks for gusion & others.
- Accurate aim assist is my dream too but windom only 4 aim system, 2 already used for upper & lower body, 2 is for right & left hand which is replacable which mean you need sacrifice normal shot aim to get other stuff accurate aim. Recoil cannon is good idea & not fair too since wing zero rifle have higher recoil yet he can still move.
- New mace combo is good idea i'll give hime attention again after fix other units.
- Left only gun is episode 2 design & i have no idea they will over equip him in episode 6 or 7 i forgot & I actually prefer new arm cannon too i just cant find the model.
- ******* sold separately, much milking not even me & Yu melon know this model. I'll try draw this lance im not that good at detail tho.
- Axe got many style on combo i hope i didnt make it OP once i touch it again on next update.
- Cant see this picture & after i google it, the weapon belong to original gusion. Might good for additional combo instead axe only.
- Heavy arms is legit very old work i dont even know aiming system back then so i need to restore his right & left aiming ability which is empty.
- I need to find a way to make it powerful attack before make circus move ex attack since its just stylish move without good aiming & add more missile will just endup lag the game.
- So many weapon choice i dont have all of them which is most used ?
- I remove this from gbf mod due clunky feel since its plan to shot with sub button instead normal shot but i cant do it back then & but i can restore to original plan with current knowledge.
- Nobel will still abusable until i figure out where passive code folder position & AoE attack is actually not available on windom you need to add ton of weapon point to emulate it i might can do same stuff like sengoku astray.
- Windom refuse to make normal shot can do stand up shot too so either remove normal shot blast impulse completely or slow down melee shot can balance it.
- The G-Self model exist itself lucky shot so if u want G-Arcane u need higher luck. Luckily the last strongest pack i dont know the name is being worked by rbthai so u might get a chance to play another g-reco unit.
- reflector pack is lazy work sorry for that.
- Sub 1 is where i actually plan to MA mode but i cancel it due too OP so replace it with it. Might need to observe how to make that chain didnt follow the unit when flipping.
- full armor is not mine thats from oreki i'll try contact him.
- Enough with jesus.
- there is afterimage but it still follow destiny instead leftover since you cant use two afterimage code at the same time.
- All this standard weapon is already available try observe him for no spoiler run.
- I still cant imagine how ranged palm cannon works. theres baidu mod that do this but it lag as hell when you do this so i need alternative & accurate scene for it.
- While this tweak lead norn to more nerf, the other guy want more buff. I actually want to make new unicorn base with accurate transform part so it can use all three form correctly for all three variant it just take too much time which lead me to abandon other units.
- I forgot to remove it.
- Simple slow down can fix the angel guy.
- Not you again.
- Sazabi lack weapon point since it already used for other attack which mean i can make nuke effect but the attack hitbox will be missed a lot. Even my gp02 nuke can still miss with certain position.
- I feel like DX so fragile if only depent on satelite so i power up it back then.

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Could you please distribute the mod that added all the aircraft of Gundam Versus and EXVS series?

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PureEvilWindom Author

can be added in the future.

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