GTASA Silent Hill 2 Packs MOD for GTA San Andreas Description: This mod included: vehicles, guns from Silent Hill 2 for GTA San Andreas. DenLover Presents Thanks: KAMS Max plugins (c) 2005 Kam's Fastman92 Img Console (c) 2013 fastman92 Credits: Models and textures (c) 1999-2001 Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo

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AlexanderAbreeham says

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Contains elements such as cars, weapons and character skins from Silent Hill 2. Car windows are not transparent, this may cause driving to be very tricky in FPS mode or something, or they only look like that in my PC. Not all the characters are included, monsters etc. too. Great mod if these problems are dead, this idea is great just because it has Silent Hill 2 in its origin :)

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