Because you deserve it, baby. Let's see how far Vice City can go with .lod world.

Lord_Santa says

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Vice City has always had a special place in my heart, due to it's comical approach to a classic story and containing some of the best dialogue out there

booting it up in 2012 - one is sorely reminded that this game was made many moons ago, but with this mod, even Vice City feel up to today's standards

graphics is not the most relevant aspect of this game, but lack of draw-distance in free-roam games such as this, severely puts a strain on immersion - thus this mod (as the one for San Andreas) was greatly needed - and by adding this to your Vice City, there is no need for you to play the game in another engine than it's original

this mod ensures that GTA - Vice City will live on forever and deserves all the cred it can get.

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