:Presenting the Mod pack:

Hello everyone TheR3MAK3R here, I am proud to say that I presenting this new project that I and my team working on. While our other mod still waiting some Add-ons to come, I am starting to think why can't I made other mods In our "portfolio". So why not? - And here it comes out a good modern design mod for other game... GTA San Andreas.

:The Story:

Carl "CJ" Johnson have been already 10 years into "Liberty City", East Coast. When one day he has sms from his brother Sean "Sweet" Johnson that he's mother been shot and killed by their old enemies the "Ballas" right at their own hometown In daylight. So soon after was a time for revenge to be come...

:The Cities and the areas around:

  • State Of San Andreas (California x Nevada).
  • Los Santos City (Los Angeles) .
  • San Fierro City (San Francisco).
  • Bone County (San Bernardino x Riverside County).
  • Las Venturas (Las Vegas).

:The Gangs and Syndicates around the State:


  • Grove Street Familes (Compton City CRIPS).
  • Seville Boulevard Familes (Sons of Somalia CRIPS).
  • Temple Drive Familes (Hoover CRIPS).
  • Santa Maria Families (Rollin '20's CRIPS).


  • Front Yard Ballas (United BLOOD Nation).
  • Killo Tray Ballas (Bounty Hunter Watts BLOODS).
  • Temple Drive Ballas (Black P. Stone BLOODS).
  • Rollin Heights Ballas (Piru Street Family).


  • Varrio Los Aztecas (Surenos Aztecas).
  • Los Santos Vagos (Latin Kings LA).
  • San Fierro Rifa (Nortenos).
  • El Cartel (Mexican-American Drug Cartel).


  • San Andreas Mafia (The Cosa Nostra).
  • Leone Crime Family (The Cosa Nostra).
  • Forelli Crime Family (Sicilian Mafia).
  • Sindacco Crime Family (Sicilian Mafia).
  • Russian Mafia (Solntsevskaya Bratva).
  • Armenian Mob (Armenian Power, Mafia).


  • Los Santos Bikers (Hells Angeles MC).
  • Bone County Bikers (Mongols MC).


  • San Fierro Triads (Wah-Ching, Chinese Triads (Tongs)).
  • Da Nang Boys (Asian Boyz).

TheR3MAK3R® 2020

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Hello guys once again, here's the information you've all (I think) want.

Yesterday I started reading information for real gangs in the city of Los Angeles, but the story behind the San Andreas game idea of 1990 gangs. So at the end I learned a lot of things that will be helping me with the creation of my pack. The idea is that I want to be close to reality as much as can without having any problems with real names, people, gangs or authorship. I want to recreate and refresh the original game maximum possible and chose original prototypes of game's world. These means all of the PED skins will be be HD as most as It can be, all textures 100% changed or renewed with resolution 2048x2048. All buildings close to the originals, all effects are totally gorgeous and modern dayish. New animations, new places, new vehicles, new features, sounds, nature. New weapons, gangs and gangs zones, but still the same game with original storyline and missions. But in newer and refreshing look, promise you that. You've got to be proud at the end, and this is promise.

TheR3MAK3R® 2020

Why I am making this Add-on/Mod.

Why I am making this Add-on/Mod.


So I bet all of you thinking why I am making this mod? Well basically one day I've wake up and want to play the game, for the old good days. And I created...

Presentation of GTA San Andreas: Re-Fresh Mod.

Presentation of GTA San Andreas: Re-Fresh Mod.


GTA San Andreas:Re-Fresh Mod 2020 by TheR3MAK3R®. A new modern day San Andreas, classic gameplay with modern style filters and textures plus bonus features...

Hello guys, this is some of the future features that the mod will includes. Basic information about.

Hello guys, this is some of the future features that the mod will includes. Basic information about.


Hello dear friends this some of the planned features for the future first alpha version of GTA San Andreas:Re-Fresh Mod 2020 by TheR3MAK3R® 2020.


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hey if you're going for authentic LA/CPT Families is most definitely Blood/Piru Ballas are crips. Probably looks more like this

Families (tried to base on location and historic accuracy)
Tree Top Piru (Grove Street Familes)
Crenshaw Mafia Family Bloods (Boulevard Familes)
Inglewood Family Gang Bloods (Temple Drive Familes) I used family on purpose but Black P. Stone's fine really
Leuders Park Piru (Glen Park Families)

obv there are crips and bloods all over South Central and CPT but since Ballas are obv crip (based on set names of ballas and color -grape street watts crips use purple, Lime Hood Pirus use lime green)

Ballas (based on similar set names)
Eight Tray Crips (Kilo Tray Ballas)
Rollin 00's Crips (Rollin Heights Ballas)
Front Hood Compton Crips (Front Yard Ballas)
Hoover Crips (Temple Drive Ballas)

Latino (based on ??? picked well known gangs)
18th street gang (Vagos)
Varrio Mararilla (Varrios Los Aztecas)
Norteños (SF Rifa) (would a banger from LA know about indivdual SF gangs they're all just Norteños for him, probably why Rockstar only put 1 Mexican gang up there)

The Outfit (that's the Mafia families West of Chicago) (San Andreas Mafia)
Luchesse Family (Leone)
Genovese (Forelli)
Gambino (Sindacco)
Russian Mob
Armenian Mob

I'll leave the rest alone lol
of course if you just like it that way then I'm an *** but I figured if you're going through the work to make it CA/NV you might be curious about crap like "are families bloods or crips" (bloods, lime green from Lime Hood Pirus, and Ballas sets spoof crip set plus purple is Grape St Watts Crips). Can't wait to try it out though dude, for real I don't care what gangs end up what.

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I dunno bruh, as far as I know, the Vagos color is the same as the real gang "Latin Kings" and Grape street is basically Grove Street and it belongs to the families, maybe is the same that Lamar said in GTA V that the grove belongs to the families "in the past" and now is balla's territory, so as Gta:SA's story is "in the past" the Grove belongs to families.
But, in the end, the decision isn't mine so it's just a suggestion.

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Kings aren't La. They're Chicago. Otherwise devs definitely went hard to mske both gangs literally be able to be either gang. You're not wrong it you say Grove is Blood or Crip. I see Grove as Piru but still use the Crip mods cuz they're just better mods. Oh and San Andreas isn't GTA V's past because of the different universes (2d, 3d, HD). In Gta V I find them more distinct from any real world gang.

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Very interesting idea, this mod will be awesome when it releases, hope that everything goes ok dude.

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TheR3MAK3R Creator

Thanks for the support friend, I bet you will be OK.
TheR3MAK3R® 2020

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Please make me happy again because this mod is the reason i'm still alive!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
TheR3MAK3R Creator

Will try my best, thanks for the support.
TheR3MAK3R® 2020

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I expect this mod to happen

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
TheR3MAK3R Creator

You know It was the time for😉
Thanks for the support.
TheR3MAK3R® 2020

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