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Before you start installing .Lod Mod is best that you should start reading this.

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    • * I arranged the mod in such way because there are over 4500 files and not a single IMG Tool will not accept all of them at ones. It will give some error like a .dff doesn't exist into gta3.img or it's missing that it doesn't want to continue the process.
    • * We are talking here of changing the entire game. What you can do is:
    • Import/Install folder after folder and use rebuild archive after 5 imported folders.
    • Import/Install folder after folder and use rebuild archive after you installed all the folder.
    • * I gave such tips because it's possible that IMG Manager will not rebuild your gta3.img correctly if you choose the second option. Alci's IMG accepts this method but your game will run more slower, especially at loading screen maybe because you are rebuilding 4500 files.

    Project Oblivion & .Lod Mod

    • * You need to read this only if you wish to have both mods in your game. If you don't like project Oblivion just drag everything from the folders in still them where they need to be.


    • * The same goes for any other map mod that involves the same files as .Lod Mod. I'm sorry but you need to tweak this in order to get the right result.
    • The mod includes all the necessary files.


    • Don't INSTALL any .COL file from Project Oblivion. YOU INSTALL ONLY vegepart.COL because is necessary for trees.
    • There are many default files in Project Oblivion that doesn't require to be installed, but they are included in the pack to erase any installed mod to bring back the game to original stage, to Project Oblivion without having bugs.
    • * Data Folder, generic folder, vegepart.IDE changes only two .lod trees, how explained before. Project Oblivion, vegepart.IDE is more complicated modified so you have just change the following strings with these:
    • - 784, lod_redwoodgrp, gta_tree_pine, 600, 2097284
    • - 785, lod_vbg_fir_co, gta_tree_pine, 600, 2130048
    • * The strings can be found at the bottom of the file. Find their ID's and change them.
    • * You still need to change the .lod dff as well because these are made to work for the unmodded GTa SA.
    • * Find and extract redwoodgrp.dff, vbg_fir_co.dff and name them with lod, like above.
    • * In case if you still get white objects from distance, use Med Editor and find out what's their .txd names and change them with gta_tree_pine.txd from above.
    • Now you are done with threes. You don't need to install the generic file anymore.
    • * Data folder, generic folder: multiobj.ide, dynamic.ide & dynamic2.ide is not affected by Project Oblivion. You can install them safe.
    • Data Folder, Maps.
    • * There few .IDE or .IPL In Project Oblivion that changes the coordinates of some trees. You can check that by viewing the archive and looking at their date. Most of them are from 2004/2005 when the game was built. What is from 2011 or possible 2010 as well, those are new and they are just couple of them. How can you install this string to get both mods.
    • * Before you install .Lod Mod, take the original unmodified .IDE & .IPL and the one from Project Oblivion. Mark the last paragraph with the mouse when you open both .IPL's [I'm not saying to mark the last paragraph at the bottom of the file], like when you want to delete the entire string. Now click fast many times on each .IPL to see where the numbers were changed, then copy the string from Project Oblivion, open .Lod Mod IPL and paste where it belongs.
    • Then you scroll down and take another chapter, then again until you reach the bottom.

    User Posted Image User Posted Image

    • * These are small tweaks. Somehow you need to modify these coordinates because collisions from Project Oblivion are set with a specific angle in the map when you hit them and if you don't change that is possible to go through the .dff like a ghost or not.


    • * You have installed both mods. Don't come in this topic and say to me that I'm a terrible modder and the mod crashes, or it doesn't work. I gave you enough information to understand the entire mod.
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