You have been sent alone, to a warm desert planet for a commando mission of high risk. Your goal, as an elite soldier, is to infiltrate the abandoned human complex to perform vital maintenance tasks and to recover precious scientific research facility data. From the warm desert to the depths of the complex, you will blow up everything that blocks your way, like doors or walls, but mostly aliens. You will then be extracted from the planet by a space ship !

xTenshi says

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Mod doesn't present any sort of interesting techniques that actually give the player hints to what to do. Directions and instructions are so bland and vague that it just leaves the player hanging. "Complex"? What do you mean by "Complex"? Players can only depict so much. I was thinking of giving a 6/10 but with such cryptic BS, it doesn't even last a 2/10 in my perspective. Glitches that prevent you from advancing, fustrating combat with endless waves of Antlions are the least of the worries that lie in this limbo of a mod. It's not a terrible mod but it could have definitely been fixed to actually be a decent challenge. For example, too many antlions come for you to even block off the antlion passages. This causes fustration for the player and I just find that incredibly redundant and repetitive. If you're going to create a mod of a decent challenge, at least provide more clear hints, a decent amount of enemies to kill (That do NOT come in numbers of 20 per wave) and a smaller travel map. (Unless there is actually something worth looking at or towards your benefit. (Windows showing bland and uninteresting rooms do not count)

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A bit too many antlions but it was overall fun ! Good job

Mar 21 2012 by Mr.Mundy