Grimm Quest for the Gatherer's Key is a Hack and Slash Fantasy game with some platforming elements that leans heavily on extremely bloody and satisfying gameplay. Players can explore a huge world that often offers several different routes that lead to accomplishment. Almost every part of it is customizable to taste, not only the graphical aspects but also it's gameplay aspects.

ghostings says

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Man, another Doom 3 mods that raised my standards. You guys did an excellent job especially for such a small team. Take all the time you need to build up your game.

Mapping: I love the art style and atmosphere of the surroundings. Unfortunately there were some rather nasty glitches with the switches and the light fairy, making noclipping necessary to continue due to a script trigger failing.
Story: There's a setting but not much plot, but that's to be expected of a demo
Gameplay: Combat is nice and solid but rather difficult. Bomb bastards were real tough but thankfully some power weapons solved them. I can't imagine how hard the game is on Grimm difficulty

Overall, a must play for Doom 3 fans.

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